Had a rare treat during Tuesday’s workout. Got to share a bit of the 6:15 fun with my wife, Erin.

Ring Dips
3 sets of 8 reps

I scaled to bar dips and did 3 sets of 8 with the best form I could muster. Deep, deep down into the bottom of the dips and strict hollow body position. I was actually pretty proud of these.


push/split jerk 1-1-1-1 80%
push/split jerk
4 singles at 60 % – 135
4 singles at 70 % – 155
4 singles at 80% – 180

I did split jerks all the way through. After recently setting a new 1RM for these, I’m kind of enamored with them. Form felt pretty good. Coach Rachel caught me landing too far forward on my front foot early on, but we cleaned that up and from then on things seemed good.


pull-up, rack carry, run – Level 1
15 minute AMRAP of:
10 reps of pull-up
100 m rack carry (right) at 52/35 lb
100 m rack carry (left) at 52/35 lb
200 m run

It was not a pleasant morning for working out outdoors. 40 something degrees. It had rained all night and showered early in the WOD while we were doing strength and skills. By the time we got to the METCON the rain proper had stopped, but it was still misting. There was running water on the sidewalks. Gray. Just blah.

All that being said, I worked outside because I knew if I tried to track 100M indoors, 7 times the length of the pull up rig per Coach Rachel, I’d screw that up. I just knew I’d do some thing along the lines of, “Four lengths down, three to go. Wait? What? 3. 3 down? 4 to go? Shit. Was that 5? Now I….Gah! ONE!”

I got 3 full rounds and 10 pull ups (Rx) in. Not too bad. Not great. Funny how different coaches have different tolerances and intolerances for movement standards. That’s not even correct. It’s more accurate to say I find different coaches pet peeves about certain movement standards amusing.

For example, Coach Rachel is extremely particular about kettle bell rack carries. Rachel always holds athletes to high standards when it comes to movements, for some reason this is one that she ALWAYS has an eye on. Don’t get caught resting that kettle bell on your shoulder! I was very strict with my carries. That meant that after the first round I had to set the kettlebell down once each way to reset, but I’ll take that.

Best part about Tuesday’s WOD was sharing it with Erin. We have family in town this week which meant there were extra grown ups in the house with the kids, freeing both Erin and I to attend the 6:15 session.

I know she didn’t particularly like getting up well ahead of the crack of dawn to go workout. Erin is not a morning person. Still she did it and she did great with the WOD. Very cool to have an opportunity to share the particular madness that is the 6:15 crew with her. I enjoyed it tremendously.