So what’s the point of setting goals, if you never hit a single one?

Back at the beginning of 2013 I wrote down all kinds of goals for various lifts for the year ahead. I tried to analyze my current one rep maxes, set ambitious but what I thought were attainable goals, developed a strategy to hit them.

I considered my goats, the exercises and lifts that challenge me most. I thought about how I could overcome them. I watched videos with training techniques, talked to coaches, all of it.

You know how many of those goals I hit? Zip. Zero. Nada. Not a single one. So what was the point?

I suppose I should be upset about that, but you know what? I had one of the best happiest years of my adult life. Partly, my goals changed as the year progressed and there were plenty of surprises along the way.

I didn’t achieve the goals I planned for, but there were plenty of victories and they came from the most surprising unanticipated places. I completed a Tough Mudder with a fantastic group of friends in November. I got a hand stand push up! (Just one, but still.) I shattered old standing PR’s on a couple of benchmark WODs! I stomped my PR for the 400M sprint. I proved to myself using the Army Physical Fitness Test that if you account for age, I am at LEAST in as good a shape now as I was 20 years ago as a second lieutenant. The list goes on.

It leaves me wondering, ‘what do I do for 2014?’ Do I even bother setting goals? Should I just let things come as they may? I’m still working that out.

There are plenty of things I want to accomplish, most of them don’t apply to the barbell though. I think my interests are leaning toward the more gymnastic aspects at the gym.

I’m less interested in pounds on the bar at this stage. I’m more curious to explore some of the other principles of Crossfit. I’m thinking about speed, coordination, agility and balance. I want to explore and concentrate on things like that bar muscle up that I intended to get this year. I still owe myself a pistol on each leg! I haven’t lost site of that. I want to get a free standing handstand this year (I’m thinking about 10 seconds). I want to spend more time practicing with my slack line to see what I can accomplish there. Those are the goals I have in mind for the coming year.

So now I need to figure out how to go get them. I know that the barbell makes you stronger and I won’t give that up entirely. But I need more time and more opportunity to explore and practice the gymnastics. I need to figure out how to work those into my workouts in the coming year.