Just quick note on the last WOD of 2013 at CrossFit Durham. It was “Nancy.”

5 rounds of 400M runs and 15 overhead squats at 95#. This is one of my favorite ‘girls.’ It’s one of the only benchmark WODs I’ve completed to date where I feel like my score is really respectable on a universal level. Yesterday though, she beat me down.

Back in October I did this WOD in 15:31. My goal for yesterday was to complete the WOD in under 15 minutes. I finished in 18:35.

That 3 minute gap has me wondering if I inadvertently skipped a round back in October.

On Monday I joked about paying the baker for all of the holiday cookies I enjoyed. Yesterday I was really feeling them. Runs were sluggish. I broke up all of the sets of squats, which I didn’t need to do previously.

Ah well. Set it aside and move on.

2014 Goals

So I know I wrote last week about what’s the point of setting goals, if you don’t hit any in the following year. The truth is since that post, I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to goals for 2014. For this year, I’m putting more emphasis on the following physical skills: balance,  flexibility, coordination, and agility. Here’s the simple list of the exercises that in my mind embody those skills reasonably well:

1) Bar Muscle Up by April 1 — This by far will be the biggest challenge of all these goals and is a carry over from 2013. I lost sight of it along the way. Need to develop a strategy to figure out when and how I’m going to work on the various elements.

2) Pistol: 3 each leg by June 1 — I should have these already. Also one that I need to refocus on.

3) Double Unders – 50 unbroken by Labor Day – This is mostly for maintenance purposes. My DU’s have gotten sloppy and unreliable. Feel like I need a goal to focus on so I keep them on my radar.

4) Free standing Handstand (min 10 sec hold) Year’s End – this one may also be a pipe dream, but I want a goal that really epitomizes the expression of balance. 

5) Slack Line Balance – Minimum 30 seconds balance in position by Labor Day. – This is definitely doable. I’ve done close to 20 seconds so far.

I also have some specific benchmark tests/WODs that I will be paying particular attention to in 2014.

1) Army Physical Fitness Test (Test Date: around Memorial Day) Minimum raw scores of 60 push ups, 60 sit ups, 2 mile run of 15:30. For reference, in 2013 I scored 50 push ups, 52 sit ups, and a 16:41 run. I might be under acheiving here with this goal.

2) Fran – Sub 8 minutes in February (Greg – we’re still on for that Whiskey Challenge then, right?); Sub 7 by year’s end. I did and 8:41 in August of 2013.

3) Nancy: Sub – 15 by year’s end – As mentioned above. I scored mid-15’s in October of this year, but after yesterday, I don’t know what score to trust. Still, 5 runs of 1:45 to 1:50 each should leave ample time for 5 rounds of squats to get in under 15 min. This seems aggressive but attainable.

Some other things that are on my radar in 2014 are:

1) This Mud Run in April. http://www.ruggedmaniac.com/events-details/items/north-carolina.html I’ve run this one before with a group of friends and we’re planning on making a repeat appearance. This one is a whole lot of fun without being too abusive.

2) Assuming there’s a local (and I’m defining that as the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area) event, I’m going to participate in the Festivus Games.(http://www.festivusgames.com/) The Festivus Games are Crossfit Games for the rest of us. They are designed for the novice and intermediate crossfitters. I think it will be a good way to test my mettle/abilities.

The biggest question I have is, “how will my body hold up doing multiple high-level effort workouts over the course of one day?” Most days a single WOD is more than enough for me for a 24 hour period. I’ve never attempted to complete more than one workout within a day, let alone several with an eye on doing them at a high level. Should be an interesting adventure and will definitely push me out of my comfort zone.

Should be a fun year.

Let me know your thoughts on these goals.