I had the audacity to go to the gym today dare I say, ‘expecting’ to hit a new clean PR. Some nerve.

Skill: Kipping Pullups

We worked on the 5 seconds on/5 seconds off kipping swing drill then 5 rounds of 5 of the ‘jump, push, swing’ drill. I confess, the utility of these particular drills is not readily apparent to me but knowing that they should be supporting my current goals, I try to take them to heart.

5 seconds of kipping swing, just doesn’t seem long enough to me. But that’s likely because it just takes me longer to get in motion and build up momentum.

Strength: Clean

I felt so good today. Rested, relaxed, loose, no aches, no stiffness. I walked into the gym thinking, ‘there are no excuses today. No reason why I shouldn’t clean 200# today.”  Then I started lifting.

Couple warm up reps at 95# – Nice. Everything felt smooth. ‘Aw, yeah, baby. Gonna be a good day!’ I call myself baby sometimes. Don’t judge.

Single at 65% – 125# – smooth. Good fast drop, flat feet, stuck landing. Now my confidence is climbing. “Damn, that felt nice! Gonna sprint to that PR bell today!”

Single at 70% – 135# – First lift – lost it forward. ‘It’s all right. No big deal,’ I’m thinking. ‘I was careless. Wasn’t focused. Pay attention this time’. Second attempt – sat on my ass in the catch. ‘Huh. Well sure. After being forward before, I was overcompensating.’ Third lift – nailed it. “Back on track! 200 here we come!”

Worked by 10# increments to 185#. 185# is 95% of my 1RM. Might as well have been 1850#. It wasn’t going anywhere. I missed all sorts of different ways. Rachel did her best to help me out, but it was in my head, plain and simple.

One lift it was, “my grip doesn’t feel right.”

The next time it was, “oh, I’m just too slow here.”

One time mid-pull it was, “is my left shoe tied? Because my right shoe is SO much tighter than my left. I’m not even sure that left one is tied. YOUR SHOES!?!?! Are you for real here?!?!?”

Up until I missed, I had been lifting with my back to the rest of the gym to eliminate visual distractions. Just me and the bar and the bare wall, you know? After the second or third miss, I turned around thinking, ‘well obviously I know what the problem here is. The feng shui of the gym is all eff’d up! This’ll get me right.” Like I said, all up in my head.

As time was running out, just before moving on to the METCON, I did strip the bar down to 155# and did one more decent lift. End with a hit, ya know? Definitely wasn’t the strength session I was anticipating, but that’s all right. I made up for it on the METCON.


5-4-3-2-1 reps of: double kettlebell thruster

100 m farmers carry (after each round of KB Thrusters

Then: 200 m run

Direction was use a KB weight that you can handle. I experimented with a couple of thrusters at 52#. Well, no. I considered experimenting with a couple of thrusters at 52#. I almost fell over backwards swinging them simultaneously up to the rack position. I went back to the rack for 40# kettlebells.

I really only had one goal. “Don’t put these suckers down.” Which I was able to accomplish. In fact, I was able to stay in motion the entire time going unbroken wire to wire in 6:58. I was very pleased with that.

It was an unexpected, but not a bad start to the week. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week holds.