Had a phenomenal long weekend with the family and had a bit of a revelation about why I continue to do this.

First some quick notes on today’s workout.

Deadhang Pullups
3 sets of 8 reps
I scaled these to ring rows with feet elevated on a box. Felt pretty good working alternating them in between sets of bench press.

Strength: bench press
3 sets of 2 reps at 85% – 215#

Bench felt good this morning. Really concentrated on screwing in my heels, setting my hips, arching my back. Form really felt dialed in today.

row, sit-up
5 rounds of:
250 m row
20 reps of sit-up (standard)

Completed in 10:51.

I like the ‘low impact’ WODs. This one was challenging and demanding but not jarring. Good good stuff.

So what happened this weekend? I went skiing. More accurately, I took the family skiing.

It was a glorious weekend sharing one of my all time favorite outdoor passions with the family and friends. The kids had a blast discovering the sport. They were awesome! I could not be prouder! The boy took to it naturally. Two runs into the day and he could conquer any Easiest run on the mountain without falling. On our second day out I took him on some Intermediate runs and he dominated them! Lil Bit was a champ too. She’s going to be phenomenal, if she sticks with it. They both seemed to enjoy it. They both want to know how soon we can go back and do it again.

Erin was a trooper. She’s not a fan of the cold, but she knows how important this weekend was to me. She was right there in all of it. I believe she got the most pleasure watching me with the kids. Her skiing was very good too.

As for me, I got out and skied three times. 8 hours with the family on Saturday, 4 hours alone Sunday night and 4 hours with the family on Monday, plus some ice skating. Know what? I felt fantastic! In fact, skiing alone on Sunday night after a particularly strong run down one of the intermediate slopes, a ski patrol member slid up to me and said, “Nice run, but it’s kind of intense for this terrain. If you’re going to ski that aggressive, why don’t you head over to the expert trails?” Being scolded never felt so good!

When I tell you I used to be a skier,let me put it in perspective. I learned to ski when I was 4 or 5. I skied for 20+ years, every opportunity I could. In high school I could count on one hand the number of people that could out ski me. I was at the local mountain at least once a week. What was your first “high ticket” purchase with your savings from your first part time job? Mine was top of the line skis, boots, and bindings. I went to college in Syracuse, NY because it was one of the snowiest universities I knew of. Being stationed for two years in Ft. Carson, Colorado at the base of Pikes Peak was a dream station for me. There was a time when I used to define myself as a skier. If you asked me what I do, I would have told you, “well, I’m a skier. I’m engaged to a great gal back in North Carolina, and oh yeah. I’m a Lieutenant in the Army.” It was that important to me.

Jump ahead to now. For a whole variety of reasons, most of which are really just excuses, I haven’t been on the slopes in 18 years! When I started this fitness oddessy almost 4 years ago one of the carrots I hung out in front of myself was a ski weekend. I promised myself that when the time was right, I’d met my goals and felt ready for it, I’d go back to the mountains. Fulfilling that promise to myself while sharing it with the family was amazing. It literally was a dream come true.

Equally important going through an entire weekend of skiing, skating, schlepping all the gear to and from the van, hauling luggage for travel etc. My body felt great! Not once did I stop and think, “I’ve got to slow down. I’m getting achy.” Never even considered, “Oh, I’m going to pay for that run.” My body felt phenomenal.

That was my mini-revelation, a re-discovery if you will. That’s why I Crossfit! I Crossfit to live an active healthy lifestyle full of activity pain free. The benchmarks, the PR’s, conquering the goats, all of those things that happen in the box matter and I’ll always pay attention to them. But after this weekend, I’m going to try to keep them in perspective. I’m going to try to remember those things don’t matter as much as being able to show my kids the world around them and living an active life to it’s fullest.