Monday morning mayhem got the better of me on the bench press.

Deadhang Pullups
4 sets of 8 reps
I subbed ring rows with my feet elevated to get the full 8 reps. Felt ok.

bench press 1RM
3 attempts 1RM bench press

I successfully lifted 235. I’m confident of that. That’s 90+ percent of my last 1RM of 250#. Then things got a bit confusing.

I made an attempt at 245 and failed. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but hey ok. It happens.

While putting the weights away, the guys lifting next to us took at least one plate off the tens stack that actually turned out to be a 15 pound plate. We had just set those plates back on the stack.

So, if there was a 15# plate on one side of the bar and 10 on the other, that means I actually attempted to lift a lopsided 250. If there were 15’s on both sides, then I failed at a 255 attempt.

Either way, just knowing it was more than 245# makes the fail easier to accept.

It’s kind of interesting too. I’ve said before that I wanted to try this and lift ‘blind’ some time. I have wondered about the mental aspect of knowing that I’m near the top of my limits and having the numbers get inside my head. I’ve wanted to attempt lifts near (above or below) my documented one round maxes to experiment and see what happens. Guess we had a first sample today.

2 rounds each
jumping back squat at 45/33 lb for 30 sec
rest for 30 sec
slam balls at 30/20 lb for 30 sec
rest for 30 sec
overhead walking lunge at 30/20 lb for 30 sec
rest for 30 sec

I like this METCON a lot. Seems it’s Coach Erin’s week of programming. I appreciate that her programming always concentrates on improving stability and overcoming asymetries. I’ve got those in spades, so her workouts are tough, but I always enjoy the challenge.

She has a knack for incorporating at least one exercise in each WOD that makes you go, “what?”. I always enjoy that. Today it was the jumping squats.

The thing that pleased me most about today’s performance was each round was consistent. I hit 18/17 for the jumping squats, 15/16 on the slam balls and 12/12 on the overhead lunges. Final score 91. I’m good with it.