So today was the day. My good buddy Greg and I squared off doing Fran side by side to see who could make the biggest improvement over their last attempt back in August. The winner takes home a quality bottle of bourbon. Let’s just get it out of the way. I’m gonna miss that bottle.

I’ll say it up front. I never expected to win this thing. I did expect to make a respectful showing.

I am pleased to report I was the model of perseverance. I refused to quit in front of my kids, even when I knew I was far from a PR sort of day.

My 10 yo son is a brilliant young man. His sense of tact still needs refinement. He very quickly put it all in perspective for me.

I’m lying on the floor still gasping for air perfecting my sweat angel and Whirlwind comes running over with his calculator in hand.

“Dad! Do you realize you were a full 2 minutes and 5 seconds slower than the last time you did this?”

“Yeah, Buddy. I saw the clock.”

“Yeah! But did you realize that means you did 26.36% WORSE than last time?”

“No, dude. I hadn’t worked that out yet. Thanks for that.”

It came from a place of love, I’m sure.

I don’t mind losing. I just wanted to make a good showing and I failed in that. The annoying part is that it was totally avoidable.

I’m carrying around 15 pounds of lazy eating habits that started back in November. 15# x 45 pullups = 675 extra pounds to haul up to that pull up bar. I felt every damn pound and the time shows it.

Don’t know why I thought I’d be different, but I guess I had to prove to myself what so many folks around the gym have always said, “You can’t outwork a bad diet.” I’ve got two weeks before the Open starts to eat truly clean and drop some baggage.

And it has to be said, while I’m disappointed in my results, I am thrilled for having taken the challenge. Accepting a challenge from a Crossfit coach to go head to head on a WOD was either one of the guttsiest or most reckless things I’ve done in a while. Either way I look forward to doing it again. Greg and I agreed we’re going to do this again in the future. We’ll have to work out whether it will be Fran again or another benchmark WOD. I tanked doing Nancy around the New Year putting 3 full minutes back on my time. I’ve got a real hankering to do that one again once I’m a bit leaner. So we’ll see. But rest assured you’ll be reading stories about these sorts of challenges again.

And in true Crossfit fashion I’ve gotta tell you how proud I am of what everyone else accomplished today.

Greg crushed this workout! Blew his old PR away by 1:23! Way to go, friend. I’m proud of you. Glad I could provide some motivation, if not true competition this time around. Trust me. I won’t make the same mistake twice!

Erin also had a hell of a day! She took part in the 11am WOD and during the strength session nailed a new bench press PR! AND before we left the gym for the day she achieved her first successful rope climb! EVER! I am so proud of how she has embraced Crossfit over the past few months. It’s fantastic to witness and celebrate her successes as she has done for me for the last 3 and a half years.

So in summary, didn’t get the results I wanted, but it’s not a big surprise and it’s certainly fixable. I got a bit of perspective and a renewed motivation to recommit to EVERY aspect of this fitness thing. I got to witness and celebrate some awesome accomplishments of family and friends. Oh! We also toasted the end of the WOD with a sip of the bourbon before Greg took it home. That may now be may new favorite way to finish a benchmark WOD. Very civilized. It was a very good day.