I made a rare Wednesday appearance at the gym today. I tried to get to Tuesday’s WOD, but after Fran on Sunday and Monday’s workout, when the alarm went off Tuesday my body told me extra sleep was going to be more beneficial than a third straight day of working out. I try to listen to my body.

I’m thinking a lot about the Crossfit Open starting at the end of February. Generally feeling pretty good about it.

1 minute of Single Unders
30 seconds of Singles – right
30 seconds of Singles – left
4 minutes of Tabata Double Unders (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

I was surprised that out of all of the rope work, singles on my left foot seemed to be my strength today. That was unexpected. Double unders during skills weren’t pretty. But Coach Erin assured me that they were going to gel and I’d be fine during the WOD. I was highly skeptical.


snatch 1-1-1-1 85%

4 singles at 65% –
4 singles at 75%
4 singles at 85% – 135#

I have received so much coaching on my snatches lately that my brain is a bit stuffed with helpful guidance.

-) One coach pointed out that I’m landing forward meaning I was landing on the balls of my feet instead of flat footed causing the bar to fall forward.
-) Another coach’s take on a different day was that I was actually jumping backwards, creating the same effect. Causing me to have to run up under the bar.
-) On another day, another coach offered advice about my initial set up.
-) A fourth coach offered thoughts on neutral neck and sight lines.

It’s all constructive, well-intentioned and accurate. I truly do appreciate ALL of it.

That being said, I’ve hit a point now where I set up for a lift feel like I need a spreadsheet to run through the checklist of things to remember. Trying to filter through it all and integrate parts and maybe set others aside for later can be a challenge.

Today coach Erin watched a few lifts and began walking through some ideas. My eyes must have glazed over and I told her, “I don’t understand.”

So she broke it down real simple and said something to the effect of “Remember this. Hips through, THEN pull.” Meaning don’t shrug or pull on the bar until my body was upright, fully extended and my hips had come from behind me in the set up through the vertical midline where the bar should be meeting them. THEN and only then, start my pull.

The bar FLEW up in a much truer path at the highest weights of the day. Balance was still a bit off, but it’s because I have grown so accustomed to having to adjust forward that when the bar flew true, it FELT as if it was behind me. It was fantastic. So thanks, Coach. Much appreciated.


ground to overhead, wall ball, double under – Level 1
5 rounds of:
5 reps of ground to overhead at 50 %
15 reps of wall ball at 20/14 lb
30 reps of double under
Time to finish 16:47

Since the snatches were coming together during the skills portion of the WOD and 50% of my snatch is at least 20# lighter than 50% of my clean, I opted for snatches for the ground to overhead.

Coach Erin was kind of right about the double unders. First round was rugged. Second and third rounds really did gel and I had extended runs of 10-15 reps. Fourth and fifth rounds as I got tired went to hell. Basically it was two rounds of 15 sets of 2 reps. Truthfully, the 5th round was more like reps and attempts. I wouldn’t even qualify this WOD as Rx. U-G-L-Y!

I got the distinct impression that the double under gods were at first smiling on and then later laughing at me. Ah well. At least they were paying attention. In weeks past, it’s felt like they abandoned me entirely.

Partly, the issue was I got stubborn. The second and third sets I allowed myself to travel and jump backwards as I naturally do during double unders. That’s where I got my longest runs of the morning. Fortunately, there were only 5 of us working so there was plenty of space. The last two rounds I tried very hard to remain in place. That in combination with fatigue made for two really ugly sets.

The thing of it is though, for day to day purposes double unders for distance is amusing and harmless. The first time there’s a METCON of Double Unders for Distance, I’m going to own that day! But if I try to go compete somewhere, I’ll be confined to a very limited space. I’ve got to fix this traveling double under habit.

Still, having some extended runs gives me a bit of confidence back as the open approaches. There’s no way we go 5 weeks without any double unders. So I’ve got to have them dialed in at least to the best of my ability. Today’s WOD gives me hope.

Add the progress on snatches and improvement with toes to bar last week. I’m feeling pretty good about the upcoming Open. Should be fun. I’m not going to blow anyone’s doors off, but I feel like I have a solid foundation to make a respectable showing.