Definitely feel like things are coming back into alignment as we approach the Open. That’s a pretty good feeling. Here are thoughts on Friday’s WOD.

Ring Dips
Test for max rep set

I took a shot at a round of ring dips and got 4. I then did a round of bar dips and did 12! I’ll take that every day.

Strength: press 1-1-1-1 90% – 140#

These all went pretty well. I missed a rep at 70%. Not sure what happened. Not sure if I just didn’t take it seriously, or what. But I tried to put it up and barely cleared my eyebrows. Re-racked it, refocused and put it up.

Reps at 90% actually felt quite good. Guess I had my game face on by that time.

kettle bell snatch, box jumps – Level 1
10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
kettlebell snatch (right arm) at 40/30 lb
kettlebell snatch (left arm) at 40/30 lb
24/20 in box jump

So level 2 for this WOD was 30″ box jumps and 52# kettlebells.

I never really even considered 52# KB swings. 40# was plenty. But the box jumps had me wondering.

I thought, “I should do 30 inches,” Then I reached down and touched the unhealed wound on my left shin from the last time I attempted 30 inch box jumps in a METCON.

“Maybe 24 will do.”

Then I got pissed again, “No! You can do 30 reps of 30 inch jumps. Stand the box up.” So I did.

Got all 30 reps. No missed reps. No spills. No drama. So this WOD was not quite Level 2, but more than Level 1. Level 1.5. Completed the METCON on 5:21. Very satisfied with that time.

It felt great o get through those jumps successfully. I mentioned earlier this week that I had some success recovering double unders, toes to bars and snatches. While I don’t expect 30 inch box jumps will show up in the open, I’ve always taken pride in the ability to do 30″ jumps. Not every body has those. Getting dinged in January took a bite out of my confidence.

Right now though, with the Open a week away, I feel like my skills and strengths (and that’s a very relative term) are about as sound as they’ve ever been. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes up.