…or maybe it was 5, but it was still a PR!

Today was a day where I could really use a boost and something positive to happen in the gym.

push press 1RM (3 attempts)

My 1RM for the Push Press is 215# from back in November of 2012! That max has had a birthday! I actually have several lifts like that right now and it’s been eating away at me.

When I saw the WOD posted last night I was determined that no matter how small, I would improve on that 1RM. I mean I have to be stronger than I was 15 months ago, right? Even if it’s just a single pound. Logic dictates that I MUST be stronger than I was then.

I missed my opening attempt at 195. For an instant I thought, “Oh hell! That’s not a good sign.”

Rachel even came by and asked, “What happened? You had that well over head.”

In replaying it in my mind I realized it was my feet and legs that were the issue. My knees buckled for an instant and I bailed. I suspect I had an instant of confusion over press vs drive and may have started a second dip.

I reset at 195 and made a second attempt. It was heavy, but it went up pretty quickly.

205# was successful as well and left me confident that I could push more than 215.

Then the Monday Math set in. I was using a 45 lb bar. I had a 45# and 35# plate on each side. 205#, right? We’re all in agreement so far? Good.

I added a 5# plate to each end. 215#. You never tie a PR, right? Right. So I added a 2.5# plate to each end.

All morning long, 217 had been my target lift. I just wanted to be 2.5 lbs better than my last 1RM. The 2.5 got stuck in my head. I was convinced that I was lifting 217.5. But you’re smart. You see what I did there right?

It was a tough lift, but it was good. Coach Rachel verified. In fact, I waited with the bar overhead until I heard her call out, “Got it!”

Folks were very congratulatory and asked how much. I told them 217.5. Hell, I even wrote it as 217.5 on the PR board.

It wasn’t until I was driving home that I reworked the numbers and realized that it was 220#!

I think two things happened that I’ve got to concentrate to remember.

First, focus on the smaller number. Focusing on 2.5 pounds was a whole lot more encouraging and attainable than thinking about the total weight. It was much more manageable in my head.

I walked up to that bar thinking, “C’mon, man. It’s been 15 months! There is no question that you are 2# stronger than you were 15 months ago. There’s no doubt you will put this up!” If I had been focused on the total weight, I believe I might have psyched myself out.

The second thing I re-learned was I don’t need to chase big PR’s. I forget that when I attempt new maxes, I don’t have to be 10, 15, 20 pounds stronger every time out. I can’t be.

I went into today reminding myself, just be stronger than last time. Hell, if I only add the .62# washers and lift an extra pound and a half that’s more than before. That’s still a PR and it’s still progress.

One step faster, one pound stronger. That’s all I need.

kettlebell swing, box jump, ball slam
Every minute on the minute (for 7 min):
5 reps of kettlebell swing (russian) at 70/52 lb
5 reps of 30/24 in box jump
5 reps of slams at 40/30 lb

Scaled the swings to 62# and the slams to 35#. This was a tough fun METCON. I was concerned that the rounds of 6 and 7 were going to run the full minute, but they did not. All rounds were between 38-41 seconds. Pretty consistent. Very satisfying.