Tough but fun METCON today. I learned a new exercise and I’m going to be paying for it tomorrow.

Skill: Pistols:
Snatches were programmed for the WOD, but I substituted 2 sets of 5 rep each leg – Pistols progression squatting on top of 20″ box with off leg extened towards floor.

I think next time I work this I’m going to attempt swinging the extended leg out in front of me never actually letting it come in contact with the floor.

Strength:Back Squat 4-4-4 75%

I scaled this back a bit today. 2 sets of 4 at 215# Just under 75%.

Felt pretty good, but time was really compressed today and I just didn’t want to push anything too far.


8 minute AMRAP of:
[All with 45plate]
10 reps of overhead lunge
10 reps of shoulder-to-overhead
10 reps of bent over row
10 reps of squat press [Sit in Squat, press plate from chest straight out and back in, stand]
10 reps of floor press
200 m run
[Rest 90 seconds, then complete another round of AMRAP in 8 minutes]

I scaled this to a 35# plate. No way I was going to churn along for 16 minutes with a 45# plate. My understanding is that Coach Stephen is responsible for this week’s programming and to borrow one of his favorite expressions this one was “spicy.”

I said it earlier on Facebook. I’ll repeat it here now. In nearly 4 years of Crossfit, today was my first time doing plate squat presses. I sincerely hope I don’t do them again for another four years! Oh my word!

Looking at it from another perspective, I guess you could say it was a great opportunity to learn something new and identify a new weakness in my physicality. But I’m just going to go with, “Damn, those hurt!”

I frequently talk about the constantly varied nature of Crossfit and how I usually love the new and curious exercises that I haven’t seen before. Well squat presses were a great reminder of “careful what you wish for.”

Floor presses were my favorite exercise today. After doing all of the other exercises, lying on my back with my elbows hitting the floor at the bottom of what felt like half of a rep seemed absolutely lazy! It was awesome!

In the first cycle, I completed 2 full rounds, a third round of plate reps, and 150M on the run.

Second time through I completed 2 more full rounds and a third cycle of all plate reps. I didn’t get out the door to run.

So score it: 4 full rounds, 100 Reps, + 150M? Guess so. I’m satsified with it.

Trying to decide what to do with the rest of my exercise schedule this week. I suspect I’ll work out Thursday and skip Friday to get a day of rest before Saturday’s Crossfit Open workout. Unless there are ball slams. I just can’t seem to resist a good ball slam.