First Monday of the month and a few new firsts today.

Strength: Front Squat 1RM
Bested my old 1RM of 245# by 5# today. A 250# front squat was VERY satisfying. That’s the first time I’ve improved on that lift since 2012. Nice to see these 1RM’s that have had birthdays falling lately. Hope I can build on this momentum.

Ball Slams (30)
KB Goblet Squats (52#)

I passed up on ball slams. Read that again, folks. If you know me, you know that’s monumental. I. Passed. Up. Ball. Slams. THAT was a first.

During warms ups I made a passing comment along the lines of, “Jeez. Think we’re doing enough squats today?” Coach Rachel suggested, “If you need a substitution you could do sledgehammer swings instead of ball slams.”

I think she was playing with me. My passion for ball slams is well known around Crossfit Durham. I ADORE ball slams. What Rachel couldn’t know at the time was that I was looking for an excuse to hit something…anything. Sledgehammer swings were perfect!

I didn’t need more squats. I needed more explosiveness, more violence!

I took a hammer and a 52# kettlebell out to the tires. Most of the 6:15 session followed suit.

It was over far too quickly. Just 3:15 to pound the HELL out of that tire and bang out the squats.It was glorious mayhem.

Ball slams are still my favorite exercise. There are no awkward assymetries trying to adjust from swinging left or right-handed. But in terms of raw anger management sledgehammer swings are so so gratifying.

All in all, a very solid start to a gray, cold rainy Monday.