For reasons upon which I will not elaborate the past week has been one of the most challenging our family has ever faced. Why not elaborate? There hasn’t been time to process it all to tell the stories well. Also, the stories are largely not mine to tell. So I’m not comfortable sharing them just yet. Trust me when I say there has been no aspect of our family’s life that has not been impacted at some level this week. To put folks’ minds at ease I will offer that when the week was done the outcomes have all been, or appear that they will eventually be, positive.

I share all of that only to put things in perspective. It’s fair to say that when I went to the box today I was not at the top of my game. That’s not an excuse. It’s life. It simply is what it is. Just as we do in the box, we take the challenges life offers, we adapt and overcome, scaling if necessary, in order to put up the best fight we can struggling for the best possible outcome.

So Open WOD 14.2…3 minutes to complete two rounds of 10 overhead squats at 95# and 10 chest to bar pull ups. If you finish those two rounds, rest until the conclusion of the third minute then execute 2 rounds of 12 reps each of exercise. If you finish those by the sixth minute execute two rounds of 14 reps of each exercise. Continue this way until you can’t complete the prescribed number of reps within the 3 minute window.

I grossly overestimated my abilities for this WOD. I expected to get through that first three minutes successfully and get deep into that round of 12. I completed 37 total reps. Three reps short of making it to a new 3 minute window and the round of 12 reps. I was pretty disappointed about this.

I’ve had the day to dwell on it and now I look at it this way. I am still disappointed. Of course I would have liked to do much better.

That being said I take pride in how I confronted it. I showed up. I did the workout. I gave it everything I had. I never considered skipping it. I’ll take pride in that, if not the actual score.

It’s kind of symbolic, I guess. Last week and 14.2 are in the past. For better for worse, the challenges have been confronted and addressed to the best of our ability. Now, I’m looking forward to the next week with hope for all that it holds.