I’ve gotten behind posting. Didn’t really think I had much to say, but it’s still worth keeping record.

Skill: Pistols
3 sets of 5 each leg atop 20″ box, don’t let off foot touch floor.

First time I’ve tried to do these pistols this way. All reps were successful. By that I mean that all reps squatting up and down were done on one leg and the off foot never touched the ground. What I can’t say for certain is if I broke parallel on any reps. I was close, but don’t think I got all the way there. Next time I’ll record.

April 1 is coming up fast. Don’t think I’m gonna meet my goal of 3 unassisted pistols each leg, but that will be ok.

Strength: Sumo Deadlift 3 attempts at 1RM

Didn’t have a documented 1RM for this lift. I’ve always presumed a 1RM of 340-ish pounds.

Pretty much confirmed my assumptions. Pulled 345# with a very solid lift. Jumped up to 365# and lifted it off the floor, but that was it.

Pretty sure there’s a middle point 1RM in that window somewhere.

Shoulder to Overhead at 65% of Jerk 1RM
Pull ups.

Pull ups? After completing 14.2 on Sunday? Not for this kid. Didn’t really feel like I had 65% of 1RM in the tank either, so I scaled considerably for this one.

Did Shoulder to Overhead at 115# and did ring rows with feet on the floor.

Finished in 7 minutes and some change.

Tuesday WOD

Ring Dips
3 sets of 8 reps

2 sets of 8 reps of weighted bar dips, (20#). One set of 5 weighted with 20#.

First time I’ve tried weighted dips.My attitude about adding weight has always been, “Do you know how long it took me to lose 20#? Why in HELL would I want to just strap it back on?!” 😉

But I’ve hit that weird intermediate point where I don’t feel like I get enough reps on the rings to be productive, but 8 unweighted bar dips isn’t enough work. It’s a funky balance. Think I hit the sweet spot today.

Strength: Front Squat
3 set of 4 reps at 75% of 1RM

Things were heavy today. Maybe Daylight Savings is catching up with me. Maybe I’m just not getting enough rest when I sleep, but ah well. Maybe Coach Rachel is right and the best thing I can do is cut myself a little slack. I’m gonna try.

I did two sets at prescribed 75%, 185#. I was going to bail on the last set, but at the last second decided to scale back to 65%, 165# and knocked that out. I am pleased that I modified and finished the 3 sets.

20 Minute AMRAP
200M Farmer’s Walk 52# KB
9 push up
12 KB Snatch (6 ea arm)
15 Goblet Squats 52#

This WOD hurt from start to finish. It hurt from head to toe and it hurt all day long! Good fun!

I did the first round Rx, but realized I was going to hurt myself late in the METCON if I continued to try and snatch a 52# kettlebell. Coach Rachel was gracious enough to fetch a 40# bell for me for that portion of the WOD.

I completed 3 rounds + 50M. It was grueling and very satisfying.

I have a hunch that when the Crossfit Open concludes, I’m going to be taking a week off to recuperate. We’ll see.

For folks who’ve recently told me that this blog is an inspiration. Thanks. I needed that lift. I appreciate the feedback and I wish you well on your own journeys pursuing health and fitness. Remember, if I can do it, anyone can.