So Open WOD 14.3 went down this week.

8 minute AMRAP of:
10 reps of deadlift at 135/95 lb
15 reps of box jump
15 reps of deadlift at 185/135 lb
15 reps of box jump
20 reps of deadlift at 225/155 lb
15 reps of box jump
25 reps of deadlift at 275/185 lb
15 reps of box jump
30 reps of deadlift at 315/205 lb
15 reps of box jump
35 reps of deadlift at 365/225 lb
15 reps of box jump

This was the first WOD of the open I walked into the gym feeling confident in my abilities. I was excited for this one.

Week 1 contained snatches and double unders. Snatches? “Uhm. I don’t know, man.” Double Unders? “It’s all going to depend on the mood of the double under gods. We’ll see what happens.” I really didn’t enjoy doing that workout. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

week 2 had chest to bar pull ups. Chest to bar pulls ups? “Ack. Don’t know about those.” They were in my head for two days. If Open 14.1 left a bad taste in my mouth, my paltry 37 reps were bile. I spat 14.2 out like a mouthful of roadkill.

Week 3 was different. I hit at the gym ready to WORK! 24″ Box jumps? “I’m good with that. I can DO those.” Deadlifts? “Sure!!! Count me in.” I scored a 104! 14 deadlifts deep into the round of 275! Right about where I thought I’d be. I was damn proud of that. Not gonna lie. I walked out of the gym with touch of swagger.

After each of the first two weeks you know where my scores had me ranked? In the top 60% of Masters Men aged 40-44 in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Know where I rank after Open 14.3 with my 104 and my swagger? In the 59.5% percentile of Masters Men age 40-44 in the Mid-Atlantic region. What do I take away from that? I’m not entirely sure yet.

As intimidated as I was going into those first two work outs and as sure as I was walking into yesterday’s WOD, the results across all three were effectively the same. I’m no less proud of yesterday’s effort. I lifted that damn bar until the gym was spinning around me like a freakin’ carnival ride!

But you know what? I’m not as disappointed in those first two scores anymore. Going forward I’m going to do my damndest to avoid letting ALL the challenges laid before me get up inside my head.

Confidence certainly is a funny thing.