I said a while back that when the Open season ended, I would likely take a week off from the gym. Turns out I didn’t wait for the Open to end. I haven’t been back to the Box since 14.3 last Saturday.

More about that later. First today’s WOD

Friday 3/21
EMOM for 3 minutes:
1st. Position Snatch Pull
1st Position Snatch
Then go directly into EMOM 3 minutes:
2nd Position Snatch Pull
2nd Position Snatch
Use 60% of Snatch 1RM

Worked at 95#. Felt ok.

back squat 1-1-1-1 90%
Worked up to 4 singles at 235#. Technically that’s around 75# of my 1RM. With the Open WOD 14.4 scheduled for tomorrow, it was heavy enough.

Form felt very good.

burpee pull-up, run
25 reps of burpee pull-up
200 m run

The METCON was the reason I came at all today. This one just sounded like fun. Throw it down on the floor, jump up and pull up. Simple. Efficient. Just what I was looking for. I was not disappointed.

Completed the assigned work in 4:04. Missed one rep late. I caught the bar one-handed and swung for a moment like some kind of jungle creature. Was kind of entertaining.

Beyond the WOD:

So why did I miss a week? There were all manner of reasons. I could break it down day by day and explain why I woke up and then went back to bed each morning. The short of it is I was tired. The good news is, I felt rested today, so back at it.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s Open WOD I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can progress through that very aggressive chipper. Toes to Bar are going to eat up a LOT of clock for me.

With regards to the Open as a whole this year, it’s been very humbling and kind of disappointing. The WODs have been very challenging and despite Crossfit’s claims that Crossfit is for everyone, the Open WODs have not felt all inclusive this year. My impression watching the announcement shows and seeing the hype online is there’s an attitude of “Good luck, Sucka” attached to the presentation of each workout.

They way the workouts have been designed they are ruthlessly efficient at identifying the elite and weeding out all of the rest of us. That’s they’re purpose. I get that. I don’t really have a beef with the workouts themselves.

What’s grating me is the presentation. I need to stop watching the announcement shows. I love the process and the Crossfit workouts. I’ve grown tired of the Crossfit HQ hype. It’s become disingenuous. There’s just something in the way they come across that rubs me wrong way. It’s like there’s a ‘cool kid’ mentality to the presentation. If you can do all of this, you’re part of the elite and the cool kid crowd. If you can’t, sorry for you.

What leaves me angry is  the blatant contradiction in the presentation. One moment they’re showing commercials that say, “Crossfit is for everyone.” The next we’re watching we’re watching the announcement of a workout that I’m guessing an overwhelming percentage of the Crossfit population is unable to complete. Hell, two of the world’s top crossfitters barely completed a full round of what’s being billed as a 14 minute As Many Rounds As Possible workout. That’s a serious disconnect and for me it’s demotivating.

I’ll still do the workout. I’ll still give it my all. I’ve got my own goals and I’ll get after them. I really am looking forward to seeing how deep I can get into that chipper in 14 minutes.

I just think that I need to get back to why doing the work is important to me and my family and I need to tune out the Crossfit spectacle.