Not much story today. Just the nitty gritty and general impressions on the past two days of workouts.

Monday WOD
Skill: Deadhang pull ups

I subbed ring rows. After 14.4 on Saturday, my body wasn’t in the mood for pulling. These did not get the full attention they deserved.

Strength: Close grip bench

1RM Day

Good day here. Increased my 1RM to 235! That’s a 5 lb PR and always a great way to start a week. I made one attempt at 240 lbs. I could barely budge it off my chest. Einar had to bail me out from under it.

It was an odd sequence of lifts. Two reps at 205 lbs felt excessively heavy. I was convinced I wasn’t going anywhere near my old one rep max. But then a single at 225 felt very smooth. That lift reset my confidence and convinced me that I had a chance at going beyond 230. Funny stuff.

7 minutes
2 double kettlebell front squats
2 ring rows
4 double kettlebell front squats
4 ring rows
and so on

Oh crap! More pulling! 😉 This actually went better than anticipated. Maybe because in my head I was still celebrating the bench press PR. It’s one of the fundamental truths of Crossfit: PR’s make everything else better.

I worked through the round of 10 reps each, did the 12 kb front squats and 1 ring row in the time allotted.

I was sporting some seriously tired wings at the end of that WOD.But it was pretty cool.
Tuesday WOD
Skll Work: Pistols

Did 5 minutes of 3 reps each leg every minute on the minute. Did these without any platform to bounce off of and holding an 18lb kettlebell in front of me.

I’m not going to make my April 1 goal of 3 unassisted each leg. But I might get a rep or two on the right leg by then!

My goal today was to see just how close I could get to an unsupported pistol, so I placed a gym mat behind me and went at it.

I wish I hadn’t left my phone in the car. There were a few right leg reps that felt REALLY close to below parallel and I was able to stand them back up! I’d love to have a recording of those to analyze now. Next time for sure.

I know there were just a couple on that right side where I stood up and thought, “Damn that was real close.” There were also a fair number of times where I simply sat down did half of a backward roll all the while trying really hard not to drop a kettlebell on my noggin. All in good fun.

Most left leg reps were clearly not deep enough or the just ended in rolls.

Strength: Snatches

4 singles at 60%
4 singles at 70%
4 singles at 80%

I worked the prescribed percentages up to 135lbs (80%). Only did two reps there. Snatches felt heavy today and I was not dropping deep enough at the heavy weights. Not a big surprise. I’ve been skipping a lot of snatch skill work since the first of the year to work on those pistols. It’s the trade off I made.

3 x 5 min AMRAP w/1min rest between

As prescribed
10 weighted sit ups (20lbs)
20 KB Swings (52lbs)
10 push ups
20 KB Snatches (52 lbs, 10 each arm)

I used a 44 lb KB for snatches, but otherwise did this Rx. I did the first round completely Rx. But the first two reps of left handed KB snatches were slow looping reps. I didn’t pull them close or punch through quickly at the top and both times the bell looped over in a lazy arc and slammed against my left wrist. Made my mind up right there that if the first round was that sloppy, there was no way I was going to carry on for another 14 minutes of work that way. I was destined to hurt myself like that.

Really have no idea how many rounds I completed. I was just shy of 2 full rounds in the first session. I completed 1 and 2/3rds rounds in the second session. Then 1 full and just under an additional half round in the last session. I figure it was 5-ish rounds when it’s all said and done.

Pretty good stuff.