I’ve been muttering for a while now that things in the box have seemed harder than necessary, haven’t I? Finally getting honest about why that is. Now it’s time to do something about it.

Skill: Deadhang Pull Ups – 3 sets of 6

I got maybe one good set of 3 reps on the first set. Second set was 3 reps with chin over bar, but I was kicking a bit at the outset. Third set I tried a mixed grip at Coach Rachel’s suggestion. I got 3 reps. I think. Confirmed my old reservations about mixed grip. I don’t like it.

I try very hard to be mindful about working on and eliminating assymetries in my technique. Whether real or perceived, mixed grip always feels like I’m manufacturing or emphasizing those existing inequalities.

I know that I’m right side dominant. On the best of days regardless of the motion, I concentrate extremely hard to stay centered, maintain even balance and spread the work evenly across my body. The instant I go to a mix grip things just feel out of alignment.

I felt very heavy on the rig today. More on that later.

Strength: floor press 4-4-max 75%
5 reps of floor press at 45 %
5 reps of floor press at 55 %
3 reps of floor press at 65 %
4 reps of floor press at 75 %
4 reps of floor press at 75 %
max reps of floor press at 75 %

I couldn’t find a floor press 1RM in my book. I have one. I’m sure of it. Just don’t have it written in my journal. So I based my percentages off my 1RM for bench. That meant the working sets should have been 185#. That turned out to be too ambitious. I did one set that way, but the last rep one foot came off the floor and I was twisting all over to push that bar out.

I dropped to 165 for the next two sets. Much more managable. Much better form.
15 minute AMRAP of:
200 m run
12 reps of burpee pull-up
12 reps of 24/20 in box jump

Boy this METCON fooled me. I looked at this one on the white board and thought, “This one sounds like fun!” The runs weren’t too long. I enjoy burpee pull ups and box jumps. 15 minutes of work sounded pretty good compared to what seems to be a lot of 20 minute WODs lately. I really thought this one would flow for me. Yeah, the fun wore off after the very first round.

In looking at this WOD I failed to recognize there was no place to catch my breath. The whole METCON was constant full body motion.

Some work outs you have that point where you’re still working, but your feet at least stay in one place and you can sort of recover on the fly. Kettlebell swings are like that for me. I’m working, but I can regulate my breathing, calm myself and prepare for what ever comes next. In this METCON the whole body was in motion the whole time.

Somehow the second time through 12 reps of each just seemed daunting too.

The other thing was people just seemed to be running away from me this morning. I know. I know. We don’t compare ourselves to others…but some days I do.

Still I got 3 full rounds in, a 4th 200M run plus 4 burpee pull ups. I’m good with it. Mostly I’m pleased with the fact that despite the things that threw me off, I just kept chugging.

So what’s so obvious? I need to tighten my diet again. I’m weigh 230# right now. That’s not bad compared to some of the places I’ve been on a scale, but it’s not where I ought to be, if I’m taking my training seriously. I want to drop 10 to 15 pounds.

How did the weight get away from me? I could make excuses. Life has been more complicated than usual since the first of the year and the month of March was an absolute roller coaster. It would be convenient to say I just wasn’t paying attention and to a limited extent that’s true.

If I’m honest though, the bigger factor is I’ve been indulgent. I’m coming to understand myself better. I go through these dietary cycles where I try to test the boundaries of what I can and can’t eat while maintaining certain body weights and performance levels. I’ve allowed this cycle to get too far out of balance. Now that life seems to have settled down into more normal rhythms, it’s time to give more attention to my diet and dial in my nutrition again.