There are days where the conversations in my head just don’t stop. I was just flat out gabby with myself today.

Skill: Pistols 2 sets of 3 reps each leg

Balance felt better today. Probably could have used more individual warm up for this. Legs were tight in the squats. Seemed to impede my range of motion. Lesson learned.
Strength: Back Squat

3 sets of 4 at 75% – 230

Worked all the assigned weights up to the work sets. Form felt good. Caught myself using a death grip on the bar in the last set. Hollered at myself to “LET! GO!” Reminding myself not to tighten up and haul down on the bar while trying to stand up. It’s totally counterproductive.

Overall, pleased with the work.

100 Double Unders
25 Overhead Squats (95#)
25 Hang Power Snatches (95#)
1 Mile Run
20 minute Cap

Holy Moly! This was a lot of work! Great fun too.

It was raining cats and dogs at CFD early this morning, with the occasional distant flash of lightening. So there was lots of back and forth about would folks actually run the mile or sub in a row.

“Well, what’s the sub?”

Coach Rachel said, “2000M row”

“2K?! Crap! I was counting on just 1600M. That’s a mile afterall.”

“Nope. 2K.”


The internal monlogue was much more extensive and involved lots of conditionals.

“If there’s lightenning when it’s time to run, I’m rowing. That’s just safer.”


“If there’s no lightening, but it’s still running rivers of water down the street, I’m rowing.”

“C’mon. If there’s no lightening, you run. You’re doing a mud run this weekend! What’s a downpour?”

“That’s right! I am doing a mud run Saturday. I paid money for that run. The kids are both just getting over fevers. I’m not getting sick because I decided to be hard core today.”

“It’s just water. You’re gonna deal with a whole lot more than that on Saturday.”

“I’ll have a complete change of clothes on Saturday! I’m rowing.”

I even pulled down a rower as I prepped all my equipment.

Double unders were hot and cold. I started off with 6 sets of 2 reps each! After that I hit some long runs, then tapered off again. I approached the bar for squats with close to 4 minutes gone by.

Squats were tougher than I anticipated, but I got through in three sets. 9, 9 and 7 reps I think.

Hang power snatches didn’t click for me. I was 5 reps in when I overheard Mike make a comment about possibly taking his lifts from the floor too. It was only then that the “HANG” clicked for me. I did the remaining reps correctly.

The inner debate of row or run continued all through the other work.

“It stopped raining. You should run.”

“I already got the rower out. It’s running rivers out there. I’m rowing.”

“It’s not that bad. Look Erin just left to run.”

“She’s welcome to run. I’m rowing.”

“Look Mike just left. He’s running.”

“That’s his choice. I’m rowing.”

I finished the snatches, looked over at the rower, looked at the clock 11:37 had elapsed on the 20 minute cap. I called out, “Rachel, I’m going out and run the 1-mile loop.”

I got back after the 20 minute clock had run out. So I don’t have a concrete final time. It was easily 21 minutes, probably closer to 22.

Now I’ve got to dry my shoes out for later this week.