I found a bit of religion today at the altar of Crossfit today.

5 Rounds:
5 sec on/5 sec off x 3 kipping swing (no pullup, just swing)
“Jump, push, swing”” drill
5 sets of 5 reps
30 second rest between sets

This work felt right today. That’s rare. So many times I’ve tried these kipping drills and nothing felt smooth or correct.

Today, at Coach Erin’s direction, I focused on keeping the movements during the first portion very small and deliberate. That helped. The whole body just seemed to flow and stay in alignment. Very cool.

The second portion I was very focused on pushing back away from the bar after the jump. Things seemed pretty fluid.
Work up to 3 sets of 2 reps at 85% – 140#

It was one of those days where it took a bit of time for the hips to lubricate and loosen up. So the initial sets were kind of rickety. I think the 3 sets of two were technically my best executed on the morning.

Erin provided guidance on pushing my hips back a bit further and experimenting with my grip width. By the time we were done, the last set of two actually felt the most stable on the day.

Looking forward to testing for a new 1RM on those soon.

3 rounds of:
20 reps of 24/20 in burpee over box jump
10 reps of push press at 155/115 lb
time cap for 12 min

So in Crossfit there are burpees. Those are tough. They wear a body out pretty quickly and for recreational athletes like me, 60 reps over the course of a METCON is plenty.

Then there are box jumps. Jump up on the box. Stand up completely erect. Jump or step off the box. Repeat. Also pretty taxing for casual athlete like me.

If you want to scale up your box jumps you can do over the box jumps. So jump up on the box of your chosen height. Stand up tall, then jump or step down on other side. Turn around, reset, repeat. These are more involved because of the turn around. If you’re a true beast, I suppose you could leap clear over the box never actually landing on it, turn around on the opposite side and repeat. But not me.

So what did we do today? The hybrid! Execute a burpee in front of the box. Jump up on the box. Jump off on the opposite side. Turn around. Repeat. Holy moly!

Twenty reps seemed to go on FOR. EV-ER! Down. Up. Over and back. Down. Up. Over and Back. So many times! Down. Up. Over and Back!

I was praying from the word “go.”

“Dear Lord, please just let me do all 60 reps without splitting my shin…again.” It’s just finally healed from the last time I got ‘bit’ in January.

“God, please let these burpee box jumps just end.”

“Lord, please let me not pass out in minute 11.”

“Jesus, please just let me get back to the barbell.”

“God, don’t let me drop the bar on my skull doing these presses.” I scaled the push presses to 125# and that was still plenty heavy enough.

“Mercy, please just let the clock run out. Please let it be 12 minutes.”

Maybe a bit of prayer isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t miss a box jump. I did not injure my legs and finished the METCON in 11:39.

When it was all said and done I looked across the gym at the other folks who’d done the WOD. We were all kneeling at our respective boxes, head resting on our arms (wish we had a picture of that one). I can’t tell you what my friends were thinking. I was offering up one last prayer of thanks for allowing me to endure unscathed.

That stuff was tough!