I’m four days behind on workout posts. I haven’t missed any workouts, just the associated posts. I’m not even going to try to summarize them. I’ve got my personal WOD journal so I’ve got my results. No need to track those here today. I will instead share some general observations.

My wife was out of town last week. I couldn’t leave our kids alone at 6 am. Bringing them to the gym at that hour would have been an even worse decision. Luckily, CFD has introduced a 4:30 pm class. Perfect! Pick the kids up after school. Air them out on the school playground for 30 minutes, over to the gym and get to work.

Curious thing being at your own gym in a different time slot. There’s a pretty good article over here that discusses it too. It’s a funky sensation. It’s the same building at the same address. All the equipment is in the same place. Yet the experience was decidedly unfamiliar. Not uncomfortable, not bad, just different. Somehow the box didn’t feel like my playground anymore.

The first major distinction is coming to and leaving the gym in full daylight. After three years of working out at 6am, seeing the sun on both ends of the workout is just plain foreign. It seems more civilized, less edgy somehow. I like to pretend that if my work out starts in the dark but ends in the daylight, somehow that makes me more badass. True? No, but it’s the story I tell myself to drag my ass out of bed most mornings.

The other major difference was that I was acutely aware that this was not my tribe. There were many familiar faces around the box. Everyone I spoke to was fabulous, especially to my kids which always earns them my respect.

Still, there were many people that were not familiar to me. That made me self-conscious. Off hand, and likely off-color, comments that I would have made without hesitation at 6:15 suddenly had to go through an extra filter and often went unspoken. In the end, that’s probably for the best. 😉

It was definitely an interesting experience to see the gym and the people there through a different lens for a couple of days. That being said, I’m glad to be back with my tribe. And while I’m on the subject of off-hand comments, Einar, I apologize for calling you a bastard for finishing Monday’s METCON so fast! You know I said it with the utmost respect and more than a fair dose of envy.

See? Those are the filters I’m talking about.