I was reminded today of an old Army joke while floundering through double unders today.

4 Rounds:
Max reps (-3) Handstand Pushups

I experimented with a strict handstand push up against the gym wall. Just wanted to see if I had one or two of them in me. The strength to push up out of the headstand just wasn’t there. So I went and did 4 sets of 5 piked off a 30″ box.

Before the last set, Coach Becca came by and noted that she’d seen me up against the wall earlier and was wondering why I reverted to the box.

I explained that while I’m comfortable being inverted and holding handstands I haven’t conquered the pushup portion of the exercise yet.

She asked if I’d ever tried them using bands. I explained that it’s been my experience at CFD that while most of the coaches don’t necessarily discourage the use of bands for most exercises, they actively encourage lots of other non-banded scaling alternatives. So I’ve sort of accepted that the bands were off-limits, or at least not the preferred scaling technique.

Becca said she had no issue with them. So just for fun I rigged up a blue band harness and did a fifth set of two reps. I really do prefer using the bands for this specific movement. For HSPU’s I prefer being fully inverted. It feels closer to the end goal. Piking on the box never feels the same.

The lesson here, children. Talk to your coaches every day. They might surprise you.

Strength: floor press 1-1-1-1 90% – 200#

These felt ok, but my right shoulder wasn’t thrilled with the effort. There’s something about that upward motion that aggrivates the muscles in the front of my shoulder. Not a serious thing, but it’s there. It has been for some time. Just have to be mindful of it.

4 rounds of:
30 reps of double under
20 reps of sit-up (standard)
10 reps of push-up

Finished Rx in 10:07. This should have been so much quicker. Double unders were terribly erratic.

I’ve probably told this story before, so if you’ve heard it, bear with me.

When I was a Lieutenant in the Army, I lead a platoon of track and wheel vehicle mechanics. When ever a repair job went badly it was a common joke among the platoon that in order to be successful at any job you had to be at least 10% smarter than the tools you were using. Mostly we worked with wrenches, screw drivers, etc. So you see the point.

Well, let’s just say that if my jump rope and I both took an IQ test this morning, I don’t think I would have liked the results.

That being said, I was able to accept the fact that my double unders were just off today and I rolled with it.

It feels like my head is getting back into a better place in all aspects lately. That’s a huge relief. Once my head is right the body will follow again. I can already see the signs.