Today things just clicked. That was mostly to my advantage…sort of.

EMOM for 4 minutes:
1st position Snatch Pull
1st position Snatch.
EMOM 4 minutes:
2nd position Snatch pull
2nd position Snatch
Use 60% 1RM Snatch

All work done at 95#. Felt pretty good but man it took a while to loosen up this morning. Second set of four were defintely better than the first.

overhead squat 1RM
I was really looking forward to testing this one round max. This is another lift where my 1RM has had a birthday, so I was eager to see what would happen. The last record in my workout journal is dated 1/13 165×2.

With most of my lifts, I’ve been focusing on small increment improvements each time we test. “Just be 5 lbs better than the last time you tested this,” has been my running mantra. Today I just felt like going big. I went into the gym with a goal of hitting a 200# squat.

I worked through the warm up sets to the prescribed 90% at 150# and the lifts felt really good.

I toyed with the idea of starting at 200# figuring “why not attempt the biggest lift while I’m freshest?” But a 50# jump started to get inside my head. It sounded kind of reckless.

So I set the bar at 180#. A thirty pound jump from the previous best and a 15# PR sounded attainable. It was a pretty smooth lift. So Monday was already a good day.

I went back and forth between “Do I go for 200 now or 195?” I chose 195.

It was a very tough lift, but it was a good lift. I made an attempt at 200#, but pitched forward as soon as I started upward and dumped the lift. A 30# PR is a great way to start a Monday and a new month.

6 minute AMRAP of:
5 reps of thruster at 95/65 lb
25 reps of double under

So for the first time in a LONG time, I scaled a METCON UP. One of the WODS in the Capital City Games will include 115# thrusters, IF I advance quickly enough through rest of the the prescribed work. Don’t think I’ve ever done a thruster with more than 95#, so today seemed like a manageable way to experiment with them.

I didn’t expect to have to do to many thrusters. My buddy Mike said it best, “Figure it’ll be 5 thrusters and 4 and a half minutes of double unders.” What’s the big deal right? Surprise, surprise, the double under gods were smiling on, or perhaps laughing at, me today.

I got through the first 5 thrusters and then the 25 double unders in just three sets. Certainly not elite status, but for me and the way double unders have been lately, that was quite an accomplishment. “Oh crap! Now back to heavy thrusters.”

So another 5 thrusters and then back to the rope. “This will be it,” I thought, “I’m tired. Double unders are going to fall apart all over.” 4 quicks sets and the double unders were done. “Back to the bar AGAIN! Oh joy!”

5 more sluggish but unbroken thrusters and back to the rope. The third set did kind of come unglued. I lost count of the restarts. Finished the third round with 3 seconds to spare. I didn’t even approach the bar for a 4th round.

I got what I wanted out of that METCON. I now know that if I should get deep enough into the competition WOD and reach the 115# thrusters, I’m capable of doing them. Plus, I have a bit of a feel for how they will feel. The discomfort won’t be totally unfamiliar. That counts for a lot for me.

All in all, a very good Monday.