Finding it harder and harder to write about the workouts lately hence the lapse in posts last week. I kept my normal schedule of Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri WODs and had a good week. There just didn’t seem to be any ‘stories’ to tell. Shocking as it may seem to those who know me, of late I seem to be at a loss for words. Not sure there’s much of a story today, but there was a solid lesson, so here we go.

Skill: 15 minutes of Double Under practice

Practice went pretty good today. The most significant development was that both hands largely stayed on the same pace. There have been days where I can’t seem to keep my left and right hand in synch and I end up with a wave in my rope. None of that today though, so things were ok.

Still not sure what that particular hiccup is all about, but maybe it was just a phase. Here’s hoping I’m past it now.


back squat 4-4-max 75%

Worked up to the prescribed 235#/75% – Last set was 5 reps.


3 rounds of:

10 reps of 30/24 in box jump

20 reps of sit-up (abmat)

40 reps of double under time cap for 8 min

I scaled the box jumps to 24”. I also scaled the DU’s to parallette jumps. The additional direction regarding the METCON was that this one was supposed to be fast, so don’t muck around with double unders, if you haven’t got them (or words to that effect). I took that to heart

I went unbroken on box jumps and sit ups. I broke the parallettes up. I wasn’t particularly systematic about it. As long as I felt I had a good rhythm and sure footing I kept going. I took a tumble once in the second set. No injuries, so in that respect I did the parallettes unbroken too! 😉

I find I’m looking ahead to the competition in three weeks and using that as justification to scale WODs where otherwise I might not. Last week I went to banded pullups quicker than I normally would to preserve my grip. Today I scaled the box jump height to reduce the risk of getting bitten. Funny thing is, it seems to be working to my overall advantage.

It took me 6:30 ish to complete the 3 rounds. That would suggest I picked a fair scaling option. I’m not sure I would have finished under the cap doing 30” box jumps. With 120 DU’s I’m confident that would have pushed me well beyond the cap.

All in all, a good reminder to check my ego and chase the best possible workout for me, not the Rx.