That doesn’t happen too often, so I decided to indulge it. Wednesday is usually a rest day. Tuesday I skipped the gym and did a light back yard WOD so I had some energy to burn. For whatever reason, I was in a mood to run. I decided to do Death By Ten Meters.

Run 10 meter when you start the clock. Rest for the remainder of the first minute. When the second minute begins, run two 10 meters sprints, rest the balance of the minute. Continue up the ladder adding one more sprint with the start of each new minute. Go until you can’t complete the assigned sprints within that sixty second window.

I couldn’t remember my score the last time I ran this. I was certain it was better than 10 rounds. Didn’t think it was better than 15. So 15 rounds was my goal this morning.

I got 15 rounds exactly. I checked this blog later and confirmed the last time I did this, well over two years ago, I completed 13 rounds. So that’s fair improvement.

I finished that round of 15 with about 4 seconds to spare, but couldn’t screw up the steam to go back and attempt a 16th round. If I had talked to my son before working out, I might have.

Our kids take part in an after school running club with their PE teacher two days a week. On Monday night, I teased the kids that I was going to e-mail their teacher and suggest Death By 10 Meters as an exercise for them on Tuesday. It turns out our 10 yo son did suggest it to his teacher and they DID run it. Whirlwind was one of the last kids standing and he also completed 15 rounds. But this was all explained to me over breakfast this morning after I’d completed my own workout.

If I had known going into my work out that Whirlwind scored 15 rounds the night before, that might have been just the motivation I needed to push myself just one more round. Ha!

Running sprints in my driveway also provided some interesting internal and external entertainment. There are a number of folks who power walk in the mornings through our neighborhood. I see them most days as I return from the gym. We wave at each other. We smile. That’s it. They have no idea that I crossfit 4 days a week.

More than one of them slowed or outright stopped their walk at the end of my drive to observe me sprinting 10M shuttle runs. I chuckled wondering what they must be thinking. I’m sure they got a chuckle as well just watching and wondering what I was trying to accomplish.

I’m very pleased with the results of today’s workout, setting aside the fact that I tied my 10 year old son. 😉 Working out alone used to be very difficult for me. The social nature of our gym is critical to my motivation to get out and do the work. Any time I skip WODs or break my established schedule I always worry about slipping back into lazy habits.

This wasn’t skipping a WOD though. This was different. This was just substituting one WOD for another. The fact that I got up early, made a plan, stuck to it and drove myself hard enough to earn a PR feels like a more significant accomplishment than the workout itself. Nice to know that I could exercise that self-discipline. Nice to feel like the exercise and pursuit of fitness truly may be my norm now.