Jump ropes, handstands and running. Could it be more of a play ground WOD? In my opinion, it could not and I could not be happier!

15 minutes of double under practice

First time in a long time double unders went very smoothly! Coach Erin put us through a series of drills over the course of 10 or so minutes working up to a tabata double under segment.

I had some solid runs. The best of which was when I went unbroken for a full 20 seconds! I didn’t count the reps. More accurate to say I lost count of the reps, because I glanced at the clock and realized that I might go the full 20 seconds. At that point my focus shifted from reps to seconds. It was certainly more than 20 reps, so that’s the best run I’ve seen in quite a while.


deadlift 4-4-max 75%

Worked all the prescribed weights up to the three sets of four at 290#. Biggest challenge with these was that it was humid Thursday morning, so the bars were slippery. A bit of extra chalk and that was good to go.

4 rounds of:
6 reps of handstand push-up [sub 45 total sec handstand hold]
200 m run
rest for 30 sec
time cap for 12 min

I did handstand holds over handstand push ups. This METCON was great fun. My sprinty muscles were a bit wore out from Death By 10 Meters on Wednesday, so my runs weren’t great. Still I had a good time. There was something very entertaining and childlike about “stay upside down for 45 seconds then RUN!” It just made me smile all the way through.

I finished the METCON in 8:38. Pretty respectable time.