For a change I’m trying to be a bit proactive instead of reactive. We’ll see how it goes.

Today’s WOD

Skill: Snatch
EMOM 6 Min
1st postion
2nd position

50% of 1RM = 85#

First time in a long time I’ve been excited about doing snatch work. It’s timely though. In the competition next Saturday competitors will have 6 minutes to make two attempts to establish a 1RM snatch. So the extended practice today was welcome.

I was still feeling kind of creaky from Murph and Tuesday’s WOD. I didn’t give enough energy to mobility at home this week. As a result, this felt heavier than expected in the last two rounds.

Still, the technique felt pretty good.

Strength: Snatch
4 singles at 65% = 105#
4 singles at 75% = 125#
4 singles at 85% = 140#

I didn’t say anything to anyone this morning, but I had all kinds of lofty goals of using each of the singles in the last set for new 1RM attempts. I was hoping to test it out and get a feel for what I can expect in next week’s competition.

Coach Erin reminded me early to make sure I was paying attention to my high pull. Specifically  to get the elbows up and back to get the bar up and keep it close to the body. That was very helpful instruction. It made all the lifts stronger. When I applied what she said, the reps felt really good through all of the 65 and 75% lifts.

Moving up to 85% things kinda derailed. I missed three of the 4 attempts and never got to add more weight than the prescribed 140#. That does not inspire confidence for next week’s competition. I was really hoping to come away from today’s session with a modest PR to kind of ‘end with a hit’ and boost my confidence going into next week. But in the end, I’m not overly concerned. I got tired and it was just plain heavy. I don’t think there was anything fundamentally wrong in what I was doing. There were no weird glitches in form or anything. Like when I just let go of the bar during heavy cleans. It was just garden variety fatigue. That can be fixed.

12 minute AMRAP of:
3 reps of overhead squat [50% of Snatch 1RM]
6 reps of push press
9 reps of 24/20 in box jump

I did this Rx, with 85# for the lifts. This METCON really suited me. Although I didn’t do myself any favors starting out doing strict press during the first round. Another one of those days where I just confused my lifts. The embarassing part is I was positioned about 6 feet from and facing the white board!

I was 3 or 4 reps in thinking, “oh, these presses are going to get heavy FAST!” Then I checked the white board again, realized my error and adjusted. Things moved much smoother after that.

Finished 8 full rounds + 13 reps. Very satisfied with that.

So here’s next week’s plan – Courtesy of Coach Erin

Monday/Tuesday Work out normally – scale smart. No super heavy efforts. With one caveat…

Monday – Do snatch 1RM attempt instead of scheduled 1RM lift

Take LOTS of Time and work through all positions as Erin had us do today prior to the EMOM. Work from Muscle snatch, through 1st, 2nd and 3rd position – light weight, like a bare 33# bar. Then on to 1RM attempts.

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – scale the WOD aggressively

Friday – Get some active rest – walk the dog, maybe some light bike riding with the kids. No lifting. Nothing pounding.

Every Day – minimum 20 minutes total body mobility work.

Lot o’sleep! That might be my favorite part of this plan!

If I can execute that and eat really smart all week, I will be as dialed in as reasonably possible.

I’m getting excited about this competition. Looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere, giving it my all and seeing where the chips fall.