Nothing quite like the feeling of a 3rd round break down during a 5 round METCON. Care to guess where the breakdown occurred?

1 minute of Single Unders
30 seconds of Singles – right
30 seconds of Singles – left
4 minutes of Tabata Double Unders
(20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

Things went very smoothly here. Well, I should clarify. 1 minute of single unders went very smoothly. Tabata double unders went quite well. One footed singles were ugly. I just can’t find a comfortable stable way to hold the ‘off foot.’ I’ve tried just lifting it off the floor in front of me. That feels like I’m always going to tip over backwards. I’ve tried folding it back under me with a bent knee. Still weird. I’m not sure I understand the functionality of that drill either. I presume it’s to improve balance.

deadlift 2-2-2 85%
5 reps of deadlift at 55 %
3 reps of deadlift at 65 %
3 reps of deadlift at 75 %
3 sets of 2 reps of deadlift at 85 %

Deadlifts felt awesome! I worked through all the prescribed weights up to 3 sets of 2 at 325#. They felt so good I was tempted to monkey around with my 1RM, but decided “no, stick to the program. Don’t risk hurting yourself a week out from the Capital City Games”. But boy, it sure was tempting.
5 rounds of:
30 reps of double under
20 reps of walking lunge
10 reps of push-up
time cap for 12 min

Ok, so here we go.

First round, double unders were there. 10 reps, 15 reps, 5 reps. Sweet!

Second round, 15 reps and 15 reps! Awesome!

Third through 5th rounds – 3 rounds of 15 sets of 2 reps each! GAH! They just EVAPORTED!

It was like watching tissue paper go up in flames. One instant double unders were there. The next they were just gone!

It was annoying because I could tell where the problem was, but couldn’t fix it. For reasons I can’t explain my right hand just had a rhythm all it’s own those last three rounds. (Sounds kinda naughty, doesn’t it?) That put this weird wave in the rope that kept catching my head or feet. Blah!

Still, I flopped my way through and completed the WOD in 11:53. Just under the cap.

Ah well, the double under gods giveth. The double under gods taketh away. I am relieved to know that at least in the WODs posted to date there won’t be any double unders during next week’s competition. If they show up, we’ll just do what we always do. Adapt and overcome. And who know? Maybe the DU Gods will choose to smile down on me, if necessary.