Went into today hoping to build confidence in my 1RM Snatch, in preparation for Saturday’s competition. Didn’t get the results I was looking for.

I worked through various snatch positions from muscle snatch to third position snatch with a 33 pound bar for a bit. Things were feeling pretty good so I moved on to warm ups.

So the highest amount I’ve ever snatched is 165#. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten near that, but I used it to calculate my percentages anyway. My goal was to match or exceed that today.

65% at 105# felt smooth. No worries there.

75% at 125# felt pretty good too.

85-ish% at 145# – stood the first attempt up, but definitely pressed it out. Based on what I understand of the competition rules, that would be acceptable for the scaled division in which I’m competing. So for Saturday’s purposes that would qualify as a good lift. Still, I wanted to hit that lift better before moving up.

I missed it the next 5 attempts. The issue basically was that I was not dropping deeply enough under the bar. Both Craig and Coach Becca observed some attempts and confirmed that the bar path looked good. I take some comfort in that, because that’s usually where my snatch breaks down. They also both confirmed that the pull was plenty high. I just need to commit to getting under it and do it faster. After the third or so fail, I did some ‘drops’ under a 45# bar, then went back for another attempt or two. I was closer, but still couldn’t stick it.

I stripped off ten pounds and hit a decent lift at 135# to end with a hit.

While I didn’t get to the weights I wanted, in one respect I did accomplish one goal. I worked the snatch today to get a clear understanding of where my ceiling is currently what I should attempt at the competition Saturday. I have established that. I’m not excited about or particularly satisifed with the results, but at least I have a fair understanding of where I’m at right now. So it’s cool.

20 double unders
10 weighted walking lunges 40# KB
15 situps

My double unders came back today! So that was a good thing. Of course, I would have gladly traded them for a snatch PR this morning, but ah well. 😉

I completed 3 full rounds and 41 additional reps. 4 situps shy of 4 complete rounds. I was aware of the clock and trying like a devil to complete that 4th round. Just couldn’t quite pull it off. Still, I’m pleased with the effort.

Nice way to kick off the week.