It was a pretty good morning in the gym today. But as the day progresses, I’m realizing that maybe I rushed back into things. A little more rest, or more discipline at the box would have served me well.
4 Rounds of Jerk Skill Transfer Exercises
2 reps from the back (Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk)
2 reps from the front (Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk)

I did 2 rounds with a PVC pipe, then 2 rounds with a bare 45# bar.

Not sure why. Maybe because the gym seemed very warm this morning, maybe because I was still tired from the Capital City Games on Saturday. Probably it was a combination of the two, but by the end of warm ups I was a soggy messed. Just drenched in sweat.

I thought, “Hoo boy. Maybe coming in today was a mistake.”


press 1RM

5 reps of shoulder press at 50 %
5 reps of shoulder press at 65 %
3 reps of shoulder press at 80 %
2 reps of shoulder press at 90 %
3 attempts at 1RM

I completed 3 WODs on Saturday while participating in the Capital City Games. If you’ve read this blog before, then you know, that’s nearly a WEEKS worth of exercise for me under normal conditions. So I had every intention of working light today.

I mean, when I got out of bed at 5:30 this morning and shut the alarm off on my phone, my intended next action was to log in and cancel my slot for this morning’s class.

Somehow though I decided, “Screw it. You’re up. You’re moving. Go to the gym. Work light. It’ll loosen you up. The activity will be the best thing for you. Just don’t push it.”

Yeah well, the tempation of testing for a new 1RM proved to be too much.

I worked through all the assigned work reps ending at 90% at 140.

My strict press PR is 155#. It’s another PR that’s had a birthday. I went from 140# to 150#. It was not nearly as difficult as I expected.

In fact, it was easy enough that I got cocky and loaded 165# onto the bar. I figured, “huh, now THAT would be a story to tell, if I hit it.”

Not so much. The bar cleared my eyes. I’m not sure it cleared my hairline.

Still, I’m completely satisfied with that effort and the results.
12 rounds of:
wall ball at 30/20 lb for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
overhead walking lunge at 30/20 lb for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec

I’ve said it before. Using slam balls for wall balls is not my favorite thing. It’s more than just the added weight. Slam balls just don’t rebound and react like medicine balls. They’re unpredictable, which I’m sure is part of the point of the exercise. So I embrace that.

But because they’re denser, they also hurt like hell when they pass through your hands and hit you in the adam’s apple. Talk about a Judo chop! That’ll knock you off your rhythm quickety-split.

I counted my reps for each exercise each round, but didn’t pause to record them or keep a running count, so I have no idea of my final score. I do know I got only 3 or 4 wall balls each round and 9 or 10 steps each round of lunges.

There was lots of muttering, swearing, grunting throughout the box during this METCON. I infer from this that I wasn’t the only one struggling. There’s some solace to be had in that.

On a normal week, I would work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I think I’m granting myself an extra rest day this week and passing on the Tuesday grinder METCON. Those are typically the longest METCONs of the weekday WODs. I’m thinking some early morning yoga or mobility sounds just fine.

I’m also already looking for the next competition. I found information about another Raleigh event coming up in mid-September that looks very interesting. It very well may be going on the calendar. We’ll see.

Other random exercise thoughts….the kids finish school this week. We’re doing some traveling once they do. That will be the start of the Summer edition of the Funky Shorts Road Show. I think I’m going to extend it this year and take advantage of the fact I have more flexibility in the mornings, since the whole family doesn’t have to be out the door at 8:30. I might try some different WOD times at CFD. I’m thinking I’m also going to tour the local boxes again starting in July. Time to draw up an itinerary of “destinations” and dates.