The first stop on the Funky Shorts Summer Road Show took place last Friday at Bull City Crossfit. It was a great time.
Strength: Deadlift
5 rounds of:
5 reps of deadlift (at 65%) = 250#

Good set of work. All lifts felt like form was on point. I noticed the third or fourth set that my left ankle seemed to be rolling inward. My fault. I was lazy and lifting in very soft Inov-8’s, rather than my lifting shoes. Definitely something to watch for. Coach Jack observed a couple of sets very closely. He didn’t offer any corrections, so I take that as a sign that things looked good to him too.
8 rounds of:
kettlebell swing for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
8 rounds of:
wall ball for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
8 rounds of:
sit-up (abmat) for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
8 rounds of:
box jump for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec

Sweet Jeebus! This was a whole lotta tabata! The rest for ten seconds is mislabeled. It wasn’t rest. After the second time through the cycle, 10 seconds was just enough time to transition from one exercise to the next and get right back to work.

Overall score 297 reps. Decent, but I wanted to break 300. I no repped a few ‘air ball’ wall balls and a few box jumps where I wasn’t in control falling off the box before standing up the reps. It cost me my goal. Ah well. It was still a blast of a METCON.

Rhe day after this WOD, I realized I’d given myself sit up rash on my backside. I consider that a minor accomplishment. That’s the first time I was going fast enough and doing enough reps to earn a rash during tabata sit ups! Does the fact that I’m proud of that make me weird?

The Road Show Begins Again
Had a great time visiting Coach Jack and the folks at Bull City Crossfit. The 7am crew was a lot of fun. They were very welcoming and gracious.

After the WOD one of the women asked me why I tour other boxes. I told her “mostly because I have Crossfit ADD,” and to a certain extent that’s true.

Crossfit Durham’s programming is outstanding. There’s no denying the results and I have no complaints. It’s very stable and organized. Most days I appreciate the predictability of knowing that Monday is always going to be 1 rep max test day. Tuesdays are always going to be a long grinding METCON, etc.

However, every few months, I get an itch and I just like to go explore. I like seeing different facilities, experiencing different programs. Getting a feel for the differences and similarities between boxes. It’s fun to experience the different communities as well.

Going to BullCity Crossfit is special because I get to work out under Jack’s guidance. He was my first coach when I transitioned from Bootcamp to the Main Room at Crossfit Durham.

It’s a privilege to see his new box and to spend some time there. I’m excited to see that it appears to be thriving. I’m looking forward to visiting a few more times before the year is out.

Next post – Southern Tier Crossfit