I went 22 miles one way to get to the nearest box and workout. It was so much fun, I did it twice this week.

Southern Tier Crossfit is in downtown Binghamton, NY. If you get the chance, check them out. Great people made this visitor feel very welcome.

Coach Barry has a great eye and offered some new tips and drills that were new to me. I’m looking forward to practicing what he showed me in the future.

Here’s what we did the days I attended and some of the things I learned.

Wednesday, June 18

100 double-unders; muscle-up or mobility drills 10 min.

I thought this was going to be an either or deal. So I grabbed my jump rope and went to work. I very nearly hit my goal of 50 unbroken double unders this morning! I had a run of 43 reps! I also had a run of thirty. Those runs were not back to back. The remaining 27 reps occurred in just about every combination possible: two here, three there whatever.

Still, hitting two very long runs felt very good.

I was setting up a bar on the rack to work push presses when Coach Barry asked if I had muscle ups. I answered, ‘not yet.’

So we talked about ring rows and ring pull ups using false grip. He also demonstrated and encouraged me to try negative ring rows as an alternative way to build the pulling muscles.

I’d never done negative ring rows. I like them. I can definitely see practicing those from time to time to continue to develop those muscles and skills.

I worked three sets of 5 at 155#, 70% of 1RM. Barry encouraged me to get the bar in a higher rack position than I’m accustomed to. The result seemed to be a better transfer of power in the drive and the bar seemed to jump up a bit faster and easier. I’m going to have to remember that one! Thanks, Coach.

In teams of 2, alternate whole rounds to complete 4 each of:
500 Meter Row
5 Turkish get-ups (each side)
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Things got a bit wonky here. The intent was one person works a complete round, the other rests. The issue was my first round took 6+ minutes. My partner was working at a similar pace. 12 minutes a round meant we were going to need close to 50 minutes to complete this METCON. We hadn’t reserved that kind of time.

So we improvised. After the first round the coach cut the rest period in half. After that we further improvised agreeing that 3 rounds was plenty of work for one day. And it was!

All in all a cool experience. I learned a few things under the eye of a new coach and had a great workout. Can’t beat that.
Friday June 20 WOD

1 mile run on trail (to the back of Ziebart & back), throwing in 4 100 m sprints (approximate)

A 1 mile warm up?! Whew! OK, if you say so. Fortunately, it was a gorgeous day to run. Hell, by Durham standards, it was cold! Below 50 degrees, but I’m not complaining.

–100 Back Squats for time
(but with perfect form!!!)
–Every time you put the bar down do 20 double-unders

As a group we talked over appropriate weights. Barry suggested around 60-65%. That sounded heavy to me. I loaded up 120# believing at the time that it was 50% of my back squat 1RM.

I was able to complete this METCON in 9:40. Four sets of 25 reps of back squat and 3 sets of double unders. My double unders were much less impressive today. My legs are still smoked from this workout, but I enjoyed this METCON tremendously.

Driving home from the gym I was thinking about the METCON. I realized I actually did the work at only 40% of my back squat 1RM. 120# is 50% of my FRONT SQUAT. I don’t know how I got that confused, but I did. Ah well. If I’d done that METCON at 150#, I’m pretty sure I would have required a driver to get me home. 😉

Southern Tier Crossfit – Thanks so much for your hospitality! I really enjoyed working with you this week.

No road show stops next week. There are a couple other boxes in this area, but frankly, getting up early enough to travel 30 minutes or more for a 6am WOD is a bit much even for this fanatic. Traveling that far for an evening WOD would mean too much time away from family, so that’s a no-go.

Especially when there’s a brand spanking new high school track 1200M from where I’m staying. Next week’s WODs will be body weight and running focused. I think one of those days will include a second go at the bench mark WOD Griff. It’s been just about a year since I attempted that one and I’m curious to see what I can do.