Sunday was a spectacularly fun day. Glorious weather, loving family all around. We celebrated a belated collective multi-generational Father’s Day with me, my brother in-law, and fathers-in-law. I spent hours in the sun yesterday playing with the kids. Eating and drinking with absolutely no filters.

This morning when Erin and I went to work out at 7am, it quickly became apparent that I celebrated too much yesterday. Ah well.

We started with some handstand push up work against the barn. Yesterday, in the peak of our celebrations, I was thinking, “Monday might be the day I finally get that first handstand pushup.” Hell, I felt so good yesterday, I was thinking I just might get a couple this morning.

When I woke my first thought was, “Well, maybe 5 sets of 3 negatives each.” Once I actually got upside down two sets of three each was plenty.

We planned on doing 3 rounds of the following for time:

20 jumping jacks,
20 burpees
20 Air Squats

The first round of burpees seemed to take SOOOOOO long! Erin’s nursing a glitchy shoulder so partway into the first set of burpees she improvised and substituted sit ups.

I completed my first round and once the jumping jacks were done, I announced, “I like your idea. I’ll join you with the sit ups.” That’s what I did for the remaining rounds.

Finished the three rounds in 6:04.

Not a banner day by any standard, but we got up and did work while traveling. That’s a success.