Today was a ‘get back in the groove’ day. After indulging in some really less than stellar eating patterns for the last two weeks and 12 hours in the car traveling yesterday, the goal today was simply to resart the routines. In that, I was successful. Everything else was kinda suspect.

Skill: Ring Dips
6 Min EMOM
3-5 Reps

Got 3 each the first two sets, then faded fast. 2 each in sets 3 and 4. 1 each in sets 5 & 6. Pretty good predictor of things to come.

Strength: Bench Press: 1RM

80% of 1RM turned out to be my one rep max today.

We were supposed to do 3 reps at 80% while working up to new 1RM attempts.

I got two reps and my right shoulder kind of clenched up on me. I abandonded the third rep.

After some rest, I made one attempt at 225#/90% of 1RM and couldn’t even lift it out of the rack unassisted. I walked away at that point.

No big deal, as Coach Rachel said, “Be smart and choose to lift again another day.”
METCON: 3 rounds

wall ball (20#)
sit ups (standard)
Rest 1 Min

15-13-7 Those were my reps per exercise per round. Very satisfied with the consistency and intensity. 35 reps per round, 105 total score. Best part of the WOD today.

Dietary Demons

I’m really surprised at how easily old habits sneak back on me and I fall back into lousy eating patterns. I knew that for the better part of the last two weeks I was induling in too much bread, too much beer, chips and desserts. I take responsiblity for that. What really threw me was what happened Saturday before coming home.

When we travel to and from my inlaws, it’s a 600 mile trip. At a 60mph average, that’s 10 hours of wheels on the road. I know I eat when I get bored. I do it just to pass the time. In an effort to ensure that I don’t eat shit, I went to the grocery early Saturday morning and bought bottled water, some clean jerky, lots of fresh fruit, some Lara bars.

Not only did I buy lots of clean food that I do like, I even went so far as to buy Goldfish for my daughter. Just so she could have some salty snacky food that she enjoys but wouldn’t tempt me.

After checking out, while walking to my car I queued up my phone and tasked it to find the nearest Burger King because I was craving their sausage croissanwhiches. When I wasn’t satisfied with the results, because it was too inconvenient to go 4 miles out of my way for that, I looked across the grocery store parking lot and spotted a Dunkin’ Donut.

“Even better,” I thought. I drove over went inside and thought, “A Boston Creme and a Chocolate Glazed will really hit the spot.”

It was only once I was in line considering my order that the absurdity of what I was doing hit me. I just spent an hour and $60 bucks to avoid fast food on Sunday, but actually invested the energy and effort  to research them to seek them out and indulge them on Saturday. How was that a good idea?

I walked out empty-handed still shaking my head.

Now that I’m home and can prepare, I’m looking ahead and planning on starting a Whole 30 challenge next Monday. I’m giving myself this week to menu plan, prepare grocery lists, refine some habits (only one mug of coffee with cream and sugar today, instead of 3) and to a degree indulge in the 4th of July festivities. Then it’s clean, clean eating. Got to get things back under control.