Nothing exceptional happened today. Still I walked out of the box feeling much better about things. Felt better about the decisions made, effort exerted, all of it.

Skill: 10 minutes of Double Unders

This went really well today. I did a not entirely strict Tabata format for 8 minutes.

I had multiple runs of 20 or more reps across the various 20 second work segments, even late into the session when I was tired. Very pleased with that.

Strength: Snatch

4 singles at 60% 100#
4 singles at 70% 120#
4 singles at 80% XXX

Snatches felt a little better than ok today. I didn’t advance beyond the 70% weight. It felt plenty heavy and I wanted to really nail the technique before advancing higher.

I ended up on my keister after one rep. Rachel and I laughed that it was a relative improvement given my most common mistake when snatching is to land forward on the balls of my feet.

It was a pretty effective session though. I felt good about how I was able to focus on form over weight.


24″ Box Jumps
Overhead Snatch (at 50% iRM = 95#)

1-2-3-4-5 and so on for 15 minutes

This was a sneaky WOD and I liked it. As I anticipated pull ups were the biggest challenge. Overhead squats were my strength.

It was sneaky in that I completed roughly 6 rounds by the 7:30 minute mark. I ended up completing 9 full rounds plus 10 box jumps.

When I left the box this morning I was a bit bummed thinking that I really slowed down by only completing 3 rounds in the last half. Then I did the math. In the first half of the METCON I completed 21 reps per exercise. In the last half, I completed 24 reps per exercise, so I actually got a bit faster and finished stronger than I started! That’s pretty cool.

I’ve seen a few online notes/memes pointing out that 2014 is half gone and asking, “how are you doing related to the goals you set?” I want to spend some time with that. That may be tomorrow’s post. I know that the answer is, ‘the results are mixed.” The key questions are, “how do I feel about that” and “what do I do about it?”