As promised, here’s a run down on the goals I set for the year and where I stand so far. The results are mixed, but that’s ok. That’s life, right?

So at the start of the year, these were my stated fitness goals



Sub 8 min by Feb
Sub 7 min by year’s end
Status: Failed: 10:40 in Feb, added 2 minutes

Bar Muscle Up
Date: April 1
Status: Failed

Date: June 1
Status: Failed

Raw scores
60 push ups – in 2 min
60 sit ups – in 2 min
15:30 2 – mile run
Date: Memorial Day
Status: Not tested
For anyone in the area that reads this and thinks they want to take part, I’m looking at either the third or last Sunday in July. Let me know if you want to come out and play.

Double Unders
50 Unbroken
Date: Labor Day
Status: Making progress and getting close! Hit 43 once, 20’s reasonably consistent

Free Standing Handstand
10 second hold
Date: October 1
Status: Haven’t trained for it

Sub 15 min
Date: Year’s end
Status: Untested in 2014, but added 3 minutes onto my PR back in December.

Slack Line
30 second stand
Date: Labor Day
Status: Untested/untrained

Additional Goals/Challenges

1) April 19 Rugged Maniac Mud Run/OBstacle Course
Status: Bailed out due to family concerns/weather

2) Festivus Games
Status: Accomplished * Technically, I did not participate in the Festivus Games. The date conflicted with the Mud Run above and I had already paid to participate in the Mud Run. However, I did complete my first Crossfit competition in June at the Capital City Games and I’m registered for a second event in September. So this is a goal met in my book.

2014 Successes:

There have been wins this year. So far this year they came in places where I wasn’t specifically training/looking.

Grace: 23 second improvement on PR
Overhead Squat: 30# improvement on old PR
Split Jerk, Push Press, Front Squat all had modest improvements in the first half of the year. And all of those were very longstanding PR’s. So to see improvement on those is very rewarding.

What have I learned from all of this? A couple of things, I think.

1) I’ve realized that after 3 years of Crossfit, I’m still a novice in so many ways. I have so much to learn and I’m excited about that rather than frustrated or intimidated. So that’s a plus.

2) I really don’t know jack about programming training. I thought I had a solid training plan in place for my pistol and bar muscle up goals. While my pistols made some progress, I really didn’t get any where on the muscle ups.

3) I might need to consider a shorter list of goals. Going forward perhaps I should pick a single movement/technique and train it. Once I’ve accomplished my goal, then I can move on to the next one on the list.

I don’t know if that style will work for me though.

4) The other thing I’ve come to understand is I have a casual case of fitness ADD.

I abandoned my pistol and muscle up training in April or May. I missed my first goal and signed up for the Capital City Games. Those movements weren’t going to be part of the games for me, so I used the spare time to try and focus on the things that would be tested. It was an easy excuse to stop working on something that proved to be harder than I expected. After the games, I never looked back. Honestly, I don’t really feel like doubling back on them either. My focus has changed.

Looking ahead: First and foremost diet has to be my number one fitness priority in the coming weeks. I’ve got at LEAST 10 pounds that I should drop which would make everything else easier. Let’s face it, every rep, every step that I don’t have to carry 10 to 15 additional pounds can only work to my advantage, right? To that end, a Whole 30 challenge begins on Monday, July 8.

In the gym, I think my focus needs to be more improving my pulling ability rather than pushing or squatting and such. I need more knees to elbows, toes to bars, ring rows, pull ups, dumb bell rows etc. In my mind, pulling is my biggest weakness and I need to improve that. I need some ideas on how to do that. That may take some time.