Wow! What a fantastic holiday weekend. Lots of time spent outdoors with family and friends. Looking back now, it seems like we were in constant motion. Funny part is we never ventured more than 10 miles from our house! Great stuff. 

Here’s a rundown on workouts from the past few days and thoughts on the Whole 30 food challenge that Erin and I are starting today.

The Don – 7/4

66 reps of deadlift at 110/65 lb
66 reps of 24/20 in box jump
66 reps of kettlebell swing at 53/35 lb
66 reps of knees-to-elbows
66 reps of sit-up (abmat)
66 reps of pull-up
66 reps of thruster at 55/33 lb
66 reps of wall ball at 20/14 lb
66 reps of burpee
66 reps of double under

From the day this WOD was announced I knew I wasn’t going to attempt it solo. Was fortunate to connect with a bootcamper, John H. and we agreed in advance to partner up.

Had a great time working with John. We were in synch rep for rep from the time Coach Elise said, “Go.”

I’m not going to go into great detail about the WOD. There’s just too much there. I will say pull ups ate me up and that pissed me off which fueled me for the second half of WOD.

Wall balls after Thrusters were more miserable than standard wall balls. I will also say that John completely impressed me! I kept thinking to myself (and I really don’t know why), “OK. Any minute now, he’s going to start to fade and then we can ease off the throttle a bit.” But NO! He just kept churning which meant I had to keep pace! It was a great motivator.

I don’t have my WOD book, so I don’t have the final time. I’m confident it was under 36 minutes.

Thanks for being my partner, John. I look forward to doing it again some day! 

Monday, 7/7
Dkills: Double Unders: They just weren’t there today. Plain and simple. Never strung more than 5 together at a time. Ah well.

Thruster 4-4-max
5 reps of thruster at 45 %
5 reps of thruster at 55 %
3 reps of thruster at 65 %
4 reps of thruster at 75 %
4 reps of thruster at 75 %
max reps of thruster at 75 %

I worked up to a top weight of 125#. Those were no fun. My hips were ‘sticky’ today. I would get down into a good full deep squat and then standing up out of it I would just stop cold partway up and then really have to concentrate to force through that point. Weird.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
overhead walking lunge at 45/25 lb
time cap for 7 min
This was a fun METCON. I scaled to a 35# plate. My shoulders are sunburned from too much weekend fun and not enough sunscreen. When I held that plate over my head it felt like there was sandpaper rubbing in the creases of my skin. Oy!

I don’t have a true final time for this one. I did the METCON outside on the sidewalk. Did the lunges up Geer St. the length of the building through the round of six. Worked back down the sidewalk from 5 to completion, but that meant I finished above the gym windows. Couldn’t see the clock.

By the time I picked up the plate and wandered far enough down to catch sight of the clock, it read 5:48.

I was impressed again today by one of the newer 6:15 crew members, Phil. We worked side by side for the METCON and he stayed with me stride for stride rep for rep. Great job, Phil! Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Whole 30
So today is Day 1 of Erin and my Whole 30 food challenge. Here are some initial thoughts:

1) Plan that first breakfast in advance! We’ve mapped out and shopped for weeks worth of dinners which will translate into leftovers for lunch, but we kind of neglected breakfast.

That proved to be a challenge today. I got back from the gym and was going through the morning motions to prepare for work. When I got to breakfast I thought, “OK, a quick bowl of cereal. Oh wait. No. No grains, no dairy. That’s out.”

So I thought, “Ok. Couple pieces of toast…oh, no.”

“Can I at least grab a protein bar? No. That one’s not clean, either.”

“Ok then. Hard boiled eggs it is.”

Beyond that, here are some additional things to note.

2) Current weight – 230 – hoping that when this month is over I’ll be under 215. I would be satisfied to be under 220. The rules of the challenge say no weighing in until after the challenge. We’ll see. 

3) General Feeling – Head feels heavy – lack of morning caffeine? Possibly. That’s surprising. I’ve never really considered myself addicted to the caffeine or even the two spoonsful of sugar that I add to each mug. I’ve always just sort of thought that I drank coffee as a matter of habit and convenience. Will be curious to see how long this feeling lasts.

4) Might have to ‘unlike’ a significant number of food related FB pages this month. Better yet, I might need to just curtail my FB activity as a whole. I could certainly use the time more productively.