One of those wonky days where I had to scale everything on the fly during the METCON because nothing was going according to plan.

Skill: Muscle Ups
I did 3 negative ring rows from standing down to extended, back up to standing each round. EMOM 10. These felt pretty good.

Strength: hang power clean

I don’t have an established 1RM for HPC. I was guessing it would be around 150. So 75% should be 112#. Turns out I was able to work up to the working sets of 4 reps at 130#, so that was cool.

4 rounds of:
10 reps of pull-up
15 reps of kettlebell swing at 62/44 lb
20 reps of 24/20 in box jump
30 reps of double under
time cap for 16 min

Some days you have to be flexible and expect change. Today was one of those days. I felt flat from the start. So I chose a 52# KB out of the gate.

After the first round though it was obvious that my pull ups weren’t there and double unders were also absent (15 sets of 2 to accumulate 30 rep). So the second round I added a purple band for pull ups and did 60 single unders for the remaining rounds. Suppose technically I should have done 90, but in the moment, I had it in my head that 60 was the appropriate sub.

I finished the METCON in 14:36 and was very glad when it was over.

It was just one of those goofy days. The kind where your shoe comes untied mid-WOD, but it doesn’t just come untied, it comes untied at the base, but still manages to get twisted into some psycho bird’s nest further up the lace, so you lose more time trying to untie and retie it.

Whole 30 Challenge – Day 2
General Feeling – Flat! I would love nothing more than to crawl back into bed today and wake up on Wednesday.

Today will be a challenge then because I really don’t want to give any thought to what I eat or drink. I just want the day to be convenient. Ah well. Will do my best to stay focused and not slip up.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.