This has caught me off guard. I expected I would miss chocolate or coffee or alcohol most. Not the case at the moment.

Last night about an hour before bed, I really just wanted to pour a tall cool glass of milk. A side of Double Chocolate Milano cookies to accompany it would have been nice, but mostly I missed the milk.

Now that it’s absent, I’m appreciating just how much dairy (mostly milk) I consume in a day. I confess, I wasn’t paying attention.

Breakfast, a few ounces of half and half with each mug of coffee. Plus a half cup or more of milk, if I have a breakfast cereal that morning.

Lunch – not too often, but occasionally a tall glass, like a pint glass, with a mid-day meal.

Dinner – eh, maybe. More often I’ll have a water…but lately this Summer, I’ve been more likely to reach for a beer most nights. That’s a different issue.

After Dinner – guaranteed. Nightly. Either with an actual dessert, or instead of, just to take the edge of hunger off before turning in for the night. It’s automatic though.

And of course, none of the above accounts for the cheese. Cheese on a sandwich at lunch, or cheese sticks for snacks throughout the day. Suddenly I realize I do consume a fair bit of dairy. But I miss the milk the most.

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how the challenge impacts my body composition, etc. Then we’ll have to be really systematic about what and how I may integrate some things back into my diet.

General Feeling Today – Clearer headed than the past few days, but much more judgmental today. I don’t feel angry, per se. However, I have to work so much harder to keep some diplomacy filters in place. So many times today I’ve wanted to just spout off about something and that’s not my normal state.

It’s an interesting feeling and makes me wonder how much of the Internet is on some sort of “denial” diet or crash course that would help account for so much of the snark. I know there’s no science behind it, but maybe there’s something to be said for keeping just a bit of sweetener inside of ourselves in order to help us all be a bit nicer to one another. Who knows? Maybe a cupcake a day keeps the criticism away?