Yesterday I was very pleased with the METCON because it suited my strengths. Today, was a special category of pain.

Take 15 minutes to work on Muscle Ups, kipping pullups, or kipping ring dips.

I split the work up here.

Did about 8 minutes EMOM negative ring rows, ring row, transition to ring dip, 2 reps each round. By the eighth minute I was ready to move onto something else.

I transitioned to the rig and worked on the biggest highest kips I could muster trying to pull my hips as close to the bar as possible. I still have feet to go, but the form felt good and the swings were high. I did 3 or 4 kips each round for 4 rounds.

I was swinging high enough that my hands were floating free of the bar. That’s a pretty cool feeling. Don’t know if it’s useful or not, but to be able to acheive that weightless feeling is kind of cool. That’s the kind of sensation that I’ve only ever acheived in water before.

Then I ripped my left hand open! Not badly, but enough that it was time to stop kipping.

push press 4-4-max 75%
5 reps of push press at 45 %
5 reps of push press at 55 %
3 reps of push press at 65 %
4 reps of push press at 75 %
4 reps of push press at 75 %
max reps of push press at 75 % 165#

I worked up to the requisite 75%, but only did the 2 sets of 4 reps. I just didn’t have the drive for a 3rd set of max reps.


3 rounds of:
15 reps of cluster at 115/75 lb
30 reps of sit-up (standard)
45 reps of double under
time cap for 9 min

It was obvious right up front that this was gonna be a bear! Still this one caught me by surprise. I scaled the weight to 95#. Clusters were so laborious!

Then there were the double unders! I never managed a run of more than 5 reps today, but I kinda didn’t mind. After all, what was my motivation? To go back and do more clusters? That wasn’t a real appealing proposition.

Ultimately, I did end up doing a few more. When the 9 minutes expired, I had completed one full round and 15 clusters.

The one redeeming quality of this workout was that it was univerally agreed upon that this METCON was tougher than anything we’d seen in quite some time and I don’t think anyone completed all 3 rounds under the cap. I know at least one person had the guts to see it through to completion after time expired, but that sure as hell wasn’t me.

Whole 30

Successfully faced down one of the biggest challenges/tempations so far. I had an appointment at the American Red Cross to donate blood. At the time I made the appointment, the Whole 30 wasn’t on my radar.

Understand, donating blood was one of those places where I used to sneak in junk food under the excuses of convenience and charity. Every 8 weeks after hitting the gym I would drive to the most convenient Burger King and grab two Sausage Egg and Cheese Croissanwiches with an organge juice. Because let’s face it, after a crossfit workout you’ve got to fuel up on something before donating blood. That’s just being smart, right? And I could fool myself into believing there was some semblance of protein in those sandwiches. But today that changed.

I left the gym and headed to the nearest grocery store starving from the workout and somehow managed to walk out with bananas and bottled water. I avoided the donughts in the bakery section, avoided all of the ‘natural’ power bars that are full of things I shouldn’t have, etc.

Even after my donation was complete, I passed on the sweets, cookies, candies, cakes etc. Those are calories that I usually count as “free pass” because afterall, I’ve just donated the gift of life, right? And hey, you should of seen the work out I did this morning, so what’s the big deal, if I have a second pack of Swiss Rolls, right? Those can’t possibly be held against me.

It’s pretty interesting to see where these unaccounted for challenges are rising up and trying to navigate around them.