It’s been a week since I posted last? Whoops. Things have been busy, good busy, but busy. I’m finding more and more that I want to get away from my computer as soon as possible each day and blogging has suffered for that. It’s likely going to be that way for a while.

Too much ground to cover on a workout by work out basis, so here are some themes or patterns that I’m observing this week and trying to wrap my head around.

Whole 30: Through week 2 now. Things are going ok, I guess. There are definitely less cravings. It doesn’t seem to require as concerted an effort to pick fruit over processed stuff to eat.

Sunday was a challenge. I worked out at 11, then did yoga at 12. i showered at the gym and then headed out to a hair cut appointment. I failed to grab any clean food on my way out the door. I was SO freaking hungry by the time I got back to the house.

I tried to find something to snack on at Super Target. I wasn’t in the mood for more bananas or apples. I wanted to get my hands on some meat. At first I thought, “Jerky. I should be able to find something there.” Everything on their shelves had sugar in it. Plus it was located in the row with all the chips and pretzels and candy. I didn’t have the will power to stand there too long screening labels.

I headed to the deli area. No fried chicken – all dredged in wheat flour etc. I thought I’d found a winner in a 3 pack of salami, prosciutto and something else, but again, there was sugar in it.

At that point I was too frustrated to read further so I bailed.  

The barber shop run is tricky too, because similar to my Red Cross trips, haircut days are typically a father/son shared time and we always eat out somewhere. It’s an outing that Whirlwind and I enjoy sharing and extending. It’s our time to catch up. In the past, it’s another one of those places where I cut myself some (perhaps too much) dietary slack. So making myself avoid eating out yesterday was just a bit of drag. Going forward I’m going to have to be careful about how I manage that. I’m not giving up that time with him. I just have to think ahead and budget calories carefully in advance, or find healthier alternatives to eat.


Was reminded in the last two days of the ebbs and flows of Crossfit.

Yesterday, Erin and I completed a 25 minute partner workout and we were feeling pretty damn accomplished when it was over.

I also came within a hair’s breadth of setting a new PR on my snatch. So all in all I left the box feeling pretty damn confident about things.

Today I couldn’t get to 90% of my 1RM front squat and a 6 minute Tabata of ring dips and sit ups left me feeling like a slug.

That was particularly annoying because I really expected the ring dips to be better. I mean I’m lighter. I have less mass to move. Therefore they should have been better. But no, not today.

I’ve done cleanses and diets similar to this challenge before and while I appreciate and enjoy the look and feel of being lighter, I always feel like somehow I lose/sacrifice raw strength when I do these. Intuitively it seems like that shouldn’t happen.

It suggests to me that something is still out of balance. While having no dairy, no sugar, and no carbs in my diet does help me get leaner, I’m not convinced it makes me stronger/healthier in the long run. It’s obvious that I was out of balance before the challenge taking in too much of those foods, but there has to be a balance. For me they have to be included in some measure.

I’ll see the challenge through, because I said I would. At the moment though, I’m not particularly enthused about it.