I’m taking part in another Crossfit competition in 8 weeks. This time it will be a team event. So my partner and I are adding a day of training to our schedules where we can work out together, concentrate on goals, goats and overall just get accustomed to working together. Today was Day 1 and it went pretty well.

Today’s WOD
5 min Double Under Practice

We never actually got to double unders today. Today was just focusing on form while jumping. Einar helped me work out my traveling issue.

He helped me realize that if I don’t stay tight from head to toe, that’s when I start bouncing backwards. I’m most guilty of releasing my abs and butt. So I have to remember to focus on those.

I also think I’m going to buy a new rope. We worked with heavier thicker ropes this morning and the difference was very noticable. I really liked the speed and feel of the heavier rope in my hands. Simply felt like I had better control.

5 min strict pull up practice

Had another small breakthrough here as well. Since the day I’ve started Crossfit coaches, friends, everyone has told me you initiate a pull up by ‘activating your lats’ first.

I have NEVER been able to figure out how to do that. Einar started there as well and I told him the same thing.

So the next time I hopped up on the bar, he told me, “Ok. Now show me your arm pits. When I contracted to do that, I finally felt the lats engage. So now I feel like I get it.

Still have a lot of work to do to improve the form and do that repeatedly, but at least it makes sense to me now. That understanding goes a long way toward building confidence.

15 min Cap
Overhead Squats at 65#
Box Jumps 24″
Abmat sit ups

I liked this METCON. I’m very comfortable with all of these movements, so I was pretty confident that I’d do all right. My goal going into it was to finish under 12 minutes.

We were using Einar’s watch to keep track of time. So I couldn’t see the clock. As I hit the round of three I asked for the time and he said there was 6 minutes left.

I figure it’s safe to call it 10 + minutes to complete. I’m confident those last rounds didn’t take me to the 12 minute mark. So goal acheived.

Cash out – 800M run after clearing up our METCON space we went out and did an 800M run. We brought it in at 4 minutes flat. I know Einar is faster, but it’s a decent time for me after all the other work.

We’ll have to see how things shape up with this training. Adding this session means I’m working out 5 days a week now instead of 4. We’ll see how the body holds up. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Whole 30 – For the most part, eating this way feels normal now. I don’t miss the 3 mugs of morning coffee with cream and 2 sugars each.  I do miss the convenience of being able to throw together a sandwich at lunch, but I don’t crave the food itself. 

And that’s kind of my overall attitude toward the challenge right now. I don’t crave any particular food that I’m avoiding right now, but the convenience factor of having more options is still a nuisance some times. Still, I’m confident we’ll see it through to the end.