That was the caption on the inspirational image that Crossfit Durham posted along with last night’s blog post announcing today’s WOD.

It proved to be prophetic. I was definitely battling today.

Complete 3 Rounds (not timed)
2 Hang Power Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
2 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
Use 50% 1RM

I was excited for snatches today. After Sunday’s session where I narrowly missed setting a new PR, I had big expectations this morning.

These were all done at 95#. That’s a bit more than 50%, but it was definitely manageable.

Form felt pretty good at these weights. Speed getting under the bar was a bit slow, but I thought I could tweak that as I went on.

Strength: Snatch
Weights based on 1RM of 165

3 @ 70% – 115#
3 @ 75% – 125#
3 @ 85% – 140#
3 @ 90% – 150#

The 115 went great. Everything was clicking. At 125 things were still strong. Form was clean. Speed was good. Last rep was just a shade forward on the front of my foot. Coach Erin could see it, but it wasn’t worrisome.

140 was not nearly as smooth. First rep was way forward and I bailed. Second rep I over compensated and ended up on my backside while the bar crashed down in front of me. I made one more attempt, but my head wasn’t fully in it at that stage. I didn’t even attempt to get under the bar after the pull.

It was me against me. You could make the case that I lost, because I didn’t complete all the work or successfully hit those lifts, but I don’t see it that way. I’m more comfortable with the fact that I didn’t develop a bad attitude about it. It wasn’t there today. Ok. I’ll get at it next time.

I will say that I want to start recording my lifts again. I want to SEE what’s going on.

4 rounds of:
5 reps of handstand push-up
10 reps of power clean at 135/95 lb
30 reps of double under
time cap for 12 min

You against you. I had all kinds of battles going on in my head for this one.
“How do I want to scale the HSPU’s?” (I set up a band harness on the rig for HSPU’s. I actually used it one round. But by the time I completed the first round I opted for 30 second hand stand holds for the remaining 3 rounds)

“How much weight for the power cleans?”

“I don’t want 135.”

“You can DO 135!”

“I know I CAN do 135. I don’t WANT to do 135.”

“Stop whining and set it up for 135.”

So I did.

This is something that I’m wrestling with lately. My tendency during METCONs is to scale down. I’m definitely an advocate of the “go lighter, go faster” mindset. But lately some folks have been if not challenging, then questioning (and rightfully so) my choices pointing out that they’ve seen me move more weight than assigned in a given WOD, so why not go RX?

That was rattling around in my head when I finally settled on 135. I guess what it comes down to, in my mind, is I need to toughen up my brain. My body is healthy. My body is strong. My mental toughness needs to catch up, if I truly want to go farther.

And you know what? The power cleans weren’t the limiting factor. They were tough. They got heavy. They were doable.

Doubler unders were a flaming spectacular mess. They just were.

So much so that when the 12 minute clock ran out I still had a number of power cleans remaining for the fourth round. I saw those through and then elected to do 2:1 singles just to finally be DONE!

All in all I’m ok with the effort. I pushed myself on the power cleans. I saw the METCON through to the end. I didn’t walk away from it. Little chagrined that I compromised on the double unders.

Whole 30

So yesterday I said that I’m past the physical food cravings, right? Yeah, well. I was wrong. For folks that might not know, I work remote for my company working out of my parents’ home.

They came home from a couple afternoon appointments with a monster size box of Bojangles Fried Chicken! I’m not overly fond of Bojangles, but I AM a fried chicken junkie!

The aroma of that chicken drifting up to my second floor office almost did me in. I had to shut my door and turn the ceiling fan on high for the last hour of the day to remove the scent.

When the day was over I marched by my parents, waved and mumbled a quick, “see ya tomorrow,” and blew right out the back door. I wouldn’t even let myself look at the kitchen table! Guess, I’ve still got some work to do there too! 😉