First week of five training sessions compared to four went ok. I don’t feel appreciably more worn out or sore compared to the previous week. So that’s a good start I guess.

Strength – snatch work – work up to 4 singles at 90%

Progressed through reps at 85, 100 and 125 pounds pretty smoothly. Lil Bit recorded all lifts. Those make for some interesting commentary and video bombs.

Could not get a single lift at 90% today. In reviewing the video later, I can see that I wasn’t pulling the bar back at all. So after it popped off my hips it was just looping out in this big question mark of an arc.

25 minute AMRAP
30 sit ups,
20 thrusters
10 burpee

Erin and I worked together again today. I’m really enjoying sharing WODs with her. It’s proving to be a lot of fun.

I did 3 rounds of thrusters at 65 pounds. Then dropped to 45 for what turned out to be my fourth and final round.

We completed 8 rounds + 51 reps. Very decent performance.

I’d tell you about the Yogability session, but I didn’t get to complete it. Lil Bit was too much of a distraction and then had a total meltdown about 20 minutes into the session. So we went out and sat in the van while Mama got her ohm on. Ah well, it happens. It’s kind of my fault. She didn’t get to bed until about 10:39 the night before because we went out to the Durham Bulls game.

Strength: push press

My current 1RM is 217.5. In my mind I had every expectation of exceeding 220 today. Couldn’t seem to convey it to my muscles.

Worked well up to 90% but was unable to get 205# overhead today. Bit of a bummer. Trying not to dwell on it. I didn’t record these lifts so I don’t have anything to refer back to on this. 

Power Snatches (95)
Box Jumps (24″)

I hemmed and hawed about how to do this one. Really wanted to go at 75# for the snatches, but I’m trying to maintain that ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’ mindset and push myself. I did allow myself some insurance in that I set the bar up using 15# and 10# plates rather than 25# plates in case it proved to be too much of a load. Glad I didn’t have to drop any plates though.

I also tried to stay mindful of yesterday’s failed snatches and concentrate on form over speed. They didn’t need to be super fast reps, but they needed to be clean reps.

It took 6:35 to complete the assigned work. Not too shabby.

Whole 30:
One more week to go!

Erin and I both spent Sunday cooking. I worked on breakfasts, lunches, and getting a head start on some dinner ingredients for the week. Erin worked on other dinner ingredient prep and some snacks. Hopefully this will make us a bit more efficient at the end of the day this week when things are the most hectic.

I find myself thinking ahead towards what I may or may not integrate back into my life. I kind of like being caffeine free. I don’t miss coffee too much and I certainly don’t need the cream and sugar that always accompany it, so I think I’m keeping that out of my life.

I intend to reduce my alcohol intake too. I’m not saying I’m giving up beer. There are just WAY too many wonderful craft beers out there that deserve to be sampled. But I have to be far more judicious about how often I indulge. A beer a day after work just doesn’t cut it any more.

What else? I’m not really sure. I think I’ll still consume bread. But I’d like to work harder at finding quality local bread. There certainly aren’t any shortage of sources there. I also will need to be vigilant about how much I consume.

Milk is a different thing. I need to spend more time researching that I think. I can’t see cutting it out of our diet entirely. But I’m not yet educated enough about the true nutritional value of convenient ‘big box’ milk vs. local. I don’t see us going raw.

wStill kind of have to work that out and experiment a bit.

I’m still kind of bummed that the clean eating hasn’t yielded more power in terms of increased 1RM over the last month. In theory, clean fuel should yield increased power no? Doesn’t seem to have played out that way.

However, there’s no denying that stamina and endurance have improved over the last 30 days and bodyweight exercises have improved. Burpees definitely suck less. I’m running a bit easier and looser. So those are good things. Hopefully I can maximize on those in the coming weeks and months. I know there’s a date with Fran coming up soon at Crossfit Durham and I’ve got a score to settle with that gal!