Just some notes on today’s WOD and observations/thoughts on the Whole 30 diet challenge as it comes to a close.


1RM Sumo Deadlift
Worked up to a successful lift at 325#, just short of 90% of my all time best of 365. Took two shots at 345# and failed. More on that when I get to Whole 30 observations/lessons learned.

Deadlift 225# Rx
200M Run
7 min Cap

Completed this one in 5:26, Rx. Mostly satisfied with that. It was a full house in the 6:15 session today. I expected to be faster, but the deadlifts proved to be heavier than I anticipated. They took longer to churn through than I expected. No big deal.

Whole 30 Challenge
So today’s the last day of the Whole 30 challenge for Erin and I. It’s been quite a learning experience.

First the results
Starting weight – 230
End weight – 215

Very pleased with this. I said back when we started that I wanted to be under 220. So goal exceeded. That’s cool. I’m much more comfortable in my clothes again.

Results in the gym — mixed. Why do I say that?

Bodyweight work is undeniably easier. Sit ups are easier. Runing is easier. Pull ups are easier. Yesterday during a 25 minute partner WOD I was able to string toes to bar together in sets of 10 for the duration of the work out. I’ve never accomplished that before. So that’s all to the good.

The trade off seems to be that I’ve given away anywhere from 10 to 20% on 1RM on any lift tested during the last 30 days. That’s a tough to understand and embrace. I mean I’ve eaten cleaner inf the past 30 days than I ever have in my life.

From my perspective, clean fuel should equal higher performance, right? So why the hell am I not stronger? Where has the raw power gone? I don’t know. I admit, it gets under my skin on Mondays when we’re testing one rep max attempts, but in the grander scheme of things, I’m not overly worried about it.

I kind of like the balance. While I always track my one rep maxes I think I like the idea of being a better balanced athlete. I said at the beginning of the year that part of my goal was to get better at the bodyweight and more gymnastic style work in 2014. That’s why I set goals like pistols and bar muscle ups, with less emphasis on adding pounds to my lifts. That’s why I bought myself a set of gymnastics rings for home and not a barbell and bumper plates. I haven’t achieved those goals quite yet, but I am closer and they are becoming somewhat easier. So overall I guess the Whole 30 was a success in that respect too. It’s eliminated some of the excess bulk and mass.

The most critical lesson I’ve learned this month is that sugar is seemingly EVERYWHERE in mass produced foods! Mayonnaise? What business does sugar have being in mayonnaise? Makes no sense. But it’s in there! Erin and I are both much wiser now about this and will be much more vigilant in reading our labels on things. I think that’s going to be very important going forward in order to maintain this weight.

Will we continue on this way with no grains or dairy in our life? No. Going forward I expect our diet will fall into a “paleo-ranean” category. We’ll continue to be vigilant about keeping sugar as low as possible, eating as naturally as possible from local sources, heavy on the produce, with regular protein. But we’re not going to cut out entire food groups in their entirety forever. We’re just not wired that way. Attention to detail and moderation in consumption will be key.

Some things that will change for me

1) I intend to remain caffeine free. I don’t need it. My morning shower is a better stimulant to start my day compared to a cup of coffee. Besides, I don’t think I’ll ever learn to drink coffee with out 2 spoons of sugar and 4 oz of half and half, so scratch that off the list.

2) Desserts need to be a weekly thing, not a nightly thing.

3) Same goes for alcohol

4) I’ve got to stop drinking milk from tavern pint glasses and pay attention to how often I drink it.

5) Got to limit my bread intake and look for more quality sources types of bread. To that end, I’m looking forward to stopping by Loaf at the Farmers’ Market next weekend.

Would I recommend the 30 day challenge for someone else? I would. It’s an interesting experiment to begin understanding your body’s response to different foods. It’s also an eye opening experience in what goes into any pre-packaged food. That information alone is worth the effort.