My competition partner Einar is proving to be a very astute and capable coach. He’s challenging me to do things that I’ve previously been unable to conquer. He’s finding some clever ways to motivate me and they’re starting to pay off.

Skill: 5 minutes double unders
So it seems pain motivation is the key to solving my traveling problem with my double unders.

Einar informed me that I had 5 minutes to complete 50 DU’s. We both took note of the specific spot on the floor where I was jumping. Easily distinquished by two seams between mats on the gym floor. He informed me that I had a choice. If I traveled too far from that spot, I could choose to reset and start from zero, or do 20 burpees as a penalty, then resume my DU’s. I chose the reset option, if necessary.

I knocked out the 50 DU’s without travelling! It took 4:57 to do it in roughly 25 sets of two reps each, but I stayed in one place! Small victories. 😉

Skill 2: EMOM 5 (it might have been 6) rounds 2 strict pull ups and 2 pistols (1 ea leg)

Pull ups felt really good. Pistols are inching ever so much closer to parallel. I’m very encouraged by this.

METCON: Mother F’er.

Row 10 cal
Run 200M
Row 20 cal
Run 400M
Row 40 Cal
Run 800 M
Run 20 cal
Row 200M
Row 10 Cal
Time Cap 20 minutes

This was a real grinder of a METCON. I should mention that Einar explained to me that he got it from Crossfit Surmount, where he experienced it under the guidance of Coach Paul.

I was actually pretty excited about this METCON, mostly because of the complete absence of a barbell. I guess running and rowing just suited my mood today.

It was a real exercise in pacing and regulating my breathing. Gradually, I’m getting better control over those.

With very little exceptionI was able to row one calorie per stroke. Runs all came in within 5 seconds of my target goals. So that was good.

With the rowing it’s easier to maintain the box breathing. With two movements to the action, it’s just easier to remember and be consistent. Breathe in through the nose on the pull. Breathe out through the mouth on the recovery. I find it tougher to remember and regulate while running or during movements that have more than two clear actions. It’ll come though.

Completed this METCON in 15:09. Very satisfied with that.

Cash Out: 50 MORE DU’s. It was another bout of 25 rounds of 2 reps each, but believe it or not, I feel like my technique is improving compared to where it was with my old rope. I may not string together runs as long as I did with my old rope, but the reps I’m doing are being done right.

I’m getting accustomed to my new shorter rope. Using the heavier shorter rope is ultimately improving my overall technique. So while my runs are shorter right now I feel like I’ll be more efficient/better in the long run. That’s a good thing. Will I be as comfortable with this rope by mid-September? I’m not certain. That’s going to require a fair bit of home work on my part.