You know your Friday is off to a good start when you PR a benchmark WOD.

Skill Ring Dips
EMOM 6 minutes: 3-5 reps

I did 3 reps each round very strict/deep ring dips. Very pleased with how those felt. Since losing this 10 pounds on the Whole 30 challenge, I’m feeling much more comfortable on the rings and I’m monkeying around with them more.

Last night after work Lil Bit and I spent 20 minutes taking turns on the rings. She mostly swung wildly. I did some chest to ring pull ups then lowered the rings down and did some inversions and attempted a few levers. Wish I’d recorded the levers. I was definitely farther over than ever before, but it’s really difficult to judge what position I was in. Next time.

The chest to ring pull ups felt really good too. They’ve got me dreaming about muscle ups. But I’ve got to stay focused on the current goals, pistols, double unders and bar muscle ups.

This is a perfect example of how I get distracted. I work on something and get frustrated and bored with it, then I discover I’m better at something, or usually part of something else and start chasing that. I have to stay systematic about these things, or I never get anywhere.

back squat 1-1-1-1 90%
5 reps of back squat at 60 %
3 reps of back squat at 70 %
3 reps of back squat at 80 %
4 x 1 at 90 %

Worked the warm up sets at the prescribed percentages. I was a bit cautious as this was my fifth workout of the week, but things felt really good today.

I’ve discovered that I really prefer back squatting barefoot. My Inov-8’s are too squishy. My lifting shoes make me feel like I’m leaning forward.

When I’m barefoot I can feel it the instant an ankle starts to roll inward and correct it. Just feel like I’m better aware of things.

Didn’t quite get to the full 90% at 270#. 255#/85% was a challenging weight where I could maintain really good form. So we went with that.

3 rounds of:
400 m run
21 reps of kettlebell swing at 53/35 lb
12 reps of pull-up

I like this benchmark WOD. Last time we did it I completed it in 13:10. I set the goal of finishing in under 12 minutes today. Very ambitious, but I thought, “why not?”

Runs were all done in under 2 minutes each.

2 rounds of American KB swings were unbroken. I broke the last one down into two sets. I don’t remember the split.

Pull ups were the biggest challenge, as expected. I did ok with them. First round in three sets, second round in 4 sets (not necessarily even splits). The last round was whatever I could get. It took several sets to get the 12 reps. Not thrilled with that, but they were still better than a month ago, so I’m pleased.

I checked the clock as I hit the floor after the final rep and the time was 12:34. Missed my 12 minute goal. Can’t be upset though with a :36 PR! Very satisfied with that.

While my gym time for this week is over, the work is not done. Taking a 35 mile bike ride with some gym friends tomorrow. That will be interesting. Other than one trip to do some riding with my son at Little River Park in the Spring, I haven’t done more than ride my mountain bike around the neighborhood with my kids. 35 miles could be a challenge.  

While I would normally work out on Sundays, I’m thinking this week I might grant myself a rest day. We’ll see.