So yesterday Einar e-mailed me the workout he had planned for today.

5-10 min warm up
5 min DU practice
5 min Pull up/pistol practice
METCON 10 Power Clean and Jerks at 135#
Surprise Cash Out – 5 min

I made the mistake of responding with, “Only 10 Clean and Jerks? You must have one nasty cash out planned.” He never responded to my e-mail.

Today as we were stretching out and warming up he said, “well, since you didn’t think 10 clean and jerks isn’t enough work, we’ll just do the METCON with the main room. I was planning on doing the 10 clean and jerks and then running 3.5 (and I’m honestly not sure if he said kilometers or miles here) afterward. But we’ll do the main room WOD.”

I shook my head, smiled and laid my head on the floor as we continued to do our pigeon stretches. The main room WOD for today was:

Run 800M
30 Clean and Jerks at 135#
Run 800M

It was tough, but it was FUN! Those of you familiar with Crossfit will recognize the 30 clean and jerks as the benchmark WOD “Grace.” So basically we’ve got an ass-kicker WOD sandwiched between a total 1 mile run.

Einar lead us out on what for me was a blistering pace for the first 800M. For a while there we were leading the pack of 14 or so athletes. I don’t say that to brag, because it definitely cost me later. I simply offer it for perspective, because left to my own devices I am NEVER leading a running pack on any other day.

I was unable to maintain the pace though and by the time Einar and I returned to the gym 4 or so athletes had passed us. The split for that run was 3:23. That’s one of the fasted 800’s I’ve ever clocked.

Clean and Jerks went about as expected. I broke them into sets of 11, 10 and 9. My best Grace time when that’s all we’re doing is in the neighborhood of 4:30. Today, I believe it took me close to 6 to finish. I didn’t get a good look at when I started and finished.

The second 800 was TOUGH. Einar finished his clean and jerks two reps ahead of me and waited for me to pace me on the run. I don’t have a split for it. But I was disappointed in myself. Not so much for the time but my attitude.

I was unable to mentally get past the discomfort today. Yeah, the run hurt. Yeah it was tough to breath, but I feel like I should have been able to get beyond that in my head and be more consistent and a bit quicker.

I was just stuck in this mental loop of “oh hell, this sucks. I don’t know if I can keep this up.” Of course I could and I should have moved through that. Ah well. Something to continue to work on.

The final time for the METCON was 14:16. Not too shabby, but with a better mind set, it could have been better.

On another note, the competition for which Einar and I were registered has been cancelled! Kind of frustrating. They had recently released the movements and weights and it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun. The e-mail from the organizer said there hasn’t been enough registration to justify running the event. So that was a bummer.

We quickly located and registered for another event just a week later. So now The Grateful Dads are registered for the scaled division of Superfit Team Challenge in Raleigh on Sept 20. Looking forward to seeing the movements/WODs/Standards. This organization hosts events like this all over the southeast and I’ve been looking at events from other competitions. Looks like it’s going to be fun.