Head was in a much better place today compared to yesterday and that made all the difference.

I see all of these Internet memes with these platitudes about how the mind will fail long before the body. I know them to be true, but it can be difficult to remember and stay positive when you’re fighting through the pain of a WOD. Today I seemed to find my groove again.


EMOM for 8 minutes:
2 Hang Power Clean – 1st position
2 Split Jerk
1 Split Press
Use 50% 1RM

I used 95# for this work. It felt very heavy at the start, but eventually things loosened up and the form came together.

I’ve been reading some articles about cleans lately and today I concentrated on really exploding up out of the heels, “pushing the earth away” with my feet.

I tend to get forward on my feet so this felt a bit awkward. Not sure if it was better than any other day, but I’ll continue to work at it.

Split presses felt very strange. Not bad, just unfamiliar. It might be the first time I’ve ever tried them. They just felt kind of awkward.

front squat 2-2-2 85%
5 reps of front squat at 55 %
3 reps of front squat at 65 %
3 reps of front squat at 75 %
3 sets 2 reps of front squat at 85 %

Did all the prescribed weights here based off a 1RM of 240. The working sets at 85# were done at 205#.

Form felt very dialed in today and Coach Stephen noted that it looked very good even at the heaviest weights. That was reassuring because while I was confident that my posture and form were good, I was unsure about depth. The squats just felt shallow today.

I even checked with Stephen after my second round. He assured me that I was well below parallel. Nice.

A very good session.

4 rounds of:
100 m farmers carry at 52/35 lb
12 reps of 24 in box jump
20 reps of kettlebell snatch [10 each arm]
15 minute cap

I really liked this METCON! It just suited me and it went pretty quickly. I completed the work in 12:34.

Box Jumps all went unbroken. Farmers Walks nearly went unbroken. I set the kettle bells down at the turnaround point on the last walk, but only long enough to do an about face, pick them up again, and go.

I believe the snatches also went unbroken. First two rounds I did 10 reps on each side. The last two rounds I did 5 reps per hand until all 20 reps were done.

Very pleased with that work. Even more so, very pleased with my attitude today.

Yesterday I wrote about how I got wrapped up in the pain of the WOD and couldn’t work past that and it hindered my performance.

Over the course of the day yesterday a few things happened that helped me work through that.

One, a friend has been talking to me about starting Crossfit and asking questions. The most important being, “what do I like about it?” I explained that Crossfit to me is recess for grown ups.

Second, Einar and I were e-mailing about yesterday’s WOD and I mentioned my disappointment in my attitude.

In responding to him about what could he have said to help motivate me and break me out of that funk I told him, “if you’d asked me if I’m having fun yet, I probably would have chuckled and snapped out of it.”

It’s critical that I remember that time at the gym is my play time. It’s my chance to get together with all of my friends, who I consider my playmates, and do crazy physical stuff.

Yes, we’re all training to improve and Einar and I are training to do well in our competition, but ultimately I choose to Crossfit at all because I find it fun! That’s the real key for me, remembering to have fun with it all.

So to quote Crash Davis from Bull Durham (and yes, I was reciting this in my head as I was trudging up the sidewalk today), “So relax! Let’s have some fun out here! This game’s fun, OK? Fun, goddamnit.” Think I need to just inscribe that in my WOD journal so I have it in front of my face every morning.