Finally took the time to get out to Marvel Strength and Conditioning the home of my very first Crossfit coach, Coach Ashley Denton. It was an excellent evening.

I have always wanted to take the Funky Shorts Road Show to Marvel, but never have for a variety of invalid reasons. The biggest challenge being it’s 25 miles one way from home. But that’s a poor excuse not to get out to see old friends. So I finally got my act together

Funky Shorts at Marvel Strength

Hanging Out with Coach Ashley

Coach Ashley was my coach when I first walked into a boot camp three and a half years ago. She is caring, demanding, supportive. Everything you need in a coach.

She was the person who gave me the confidence to ‘graduate’ from bootcamp to the main room. I came to her within the first week of my second eight week bootcamp and asked her straight out, “do you think I could do regular Crossfit?” She never hesitated when she smiled and said, “absolutely!” I’ll never forget that.

So it’s really cool to get to see the new business and community which she’s building and to experience the environment first hand. They’ve got a great crew over there. If you’re in that area and looking for a gym, I can not recommend Marvel highly enough.

Here’s what we did yesterday


1) Back Squat (Back Squats are based off of 90% of your 1RM)
1×8 @ 70%, rest 2 min
1×6 @ 80%, rest 2 min
1×3 @ 90%, rest 2-3 min
1×2 @ 95%

Worked up to 90% here. Ashley warned me before we started that she might not let me go to 95%, but we agreed that we’d see how things went when I got to those sets. She observed my 90% set of 3 at 260# and when it was done we both kind of nodded at each other and agreed that there wasn’t any need to add more weight.

I did the last two reps at the same weight and it was a lot of work! Form and positioning all felt good, but I was so SLOW coming out of the hole.

2a)Front Squat
1×5 @ 65%, rest 2 min
1×4 @ 75%, rest 2 min
2×4 @ 80%, rest 2 min

2b) 4 x Max Effort Unbroken set of Rope Pull-ups

Perform a set of 2a and then immediately perform a set of 2b.

All reps here were done at the assigned weights. Front squat felt pretty good. I had never done rope pull ups before. I was able to manage 4 per round, although I never quite figured out what to do with my lower half. I kind of wanted to L-sit and sorta kip my hips, but that wasn’t the intent. Just a bit weird but i kind of like them. Always fun to learn a new movement/exercise.

AMRAP 10 min:
10 Push-ups
10 KB Snatch (24/16kg – 5R/5L)
15 Abmat Sit-ups

I got through 6 rounds even on this METCON. Seemed like a pretty good score. All I know is I was a sweaty drippy mess when it was over.

I really wish Marvel was closer. If it was, I’d visit more often for sure.

Wednesday’s training is going to be interesting. I’m flying solo for our competition training. That’s going to be unique. Have a few things to prove to myself with that. But more about that tomorrow.